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Coyotes Youth Lacrosse Joins the Signature Partner Program

Coyotes Youth Lacrosse Joins the Signature Partner Program

The Coyotes Youth Lacrosse program focuses on making youth lacrosse as enjoyable for their lacrosse players as possible, and joining the Signature Partner Program just made that even easier for them. The Executive Director of the Coyotes, Madeline Lewis, has worked to create an environment that allows lacrosse players of all ages to flourish and participate without worry ever since moving up her previous roles of Coach and Women’s Program Director with the Coyotes. This positivity driven approach has helped the Coyotes Youth Lacrosse program to expand the reach of the sport of lacrosse in Florida while improving the skills and confidence of all lacrosse players in their program. Often using “lighting lacrosse” which is a 3 v. 3 version of lacrosse that encourages youth lacrosse players to play all positions, Coyotes Youth Lacrosse is making playing lacrosse the best part of the week for countless young athletes in their program. And now their youth lacrosse players can show off how proud they are to be a part of the Coyotes Youth Lacrosse program with their very own custom lacrosse apparel from their Signature Partner Program store that donates back to the program with every purchase.

Coyotes Youth Lacrosse Signature Lacrosse Team Apparel Store

For the Coyotes Youth Lacrosse program, if lacrosse isn’t fun, then it just isn’t Coyotes lacrosse! Every practice and every game is centered around ensuring that their youth athletes have a safe and beneficial experience that leaves them smiling from ear to ear. To put this into practice, Executive Director Madeline Lewis surrounded herself with like-minded lacrosse coaches who want to help grow the sport of lacrosse and make a difference in the lives of youth athletes. Luckily, Boys Lacrosse Director Brett Moyer and Girls Program Director Mady Doud were up to the task and have helped foster an inclusive and encouraging environment for lacrosse with Coyotes Youth Lacrosse.

Beginning in 2012 under the direction of Brian Lemon, the Coyotes Youth Lacrosse program helps increase the talent level of lacrosse players in their area before they reach high school. Local lacrosse players that eventually attend Newsome, Durant, or Bloomingdale High Schools have been becoming better lacrosse players through the Coyotes for almost a full decade. And this progress of bettering the players and the game of lacrosse in Florida shows no signs of slowing down. Plus, with the new Coyotes Custom Lacrosse Apparel Store up and running, their coaches have even more time to devote to helping their players. The many coaches of the Coyotes Youth Lacrosse program, including Coach Tyler, Coach Mady, Coach Brendan, and Coach Brett are always focused on giving back to their players; and this extra availability is sure to pay dividends to the players.

Coyotes Youth Lacrosse Custom Lacrosse Apparel and Uniforms

The Coyotes Youth Lacrosse custom lacrosse store is already up and running so their players can get their hands on the best custom lacrosse apparel as soon as they’d like. And their orders will be delivered directly to their home to avoid any unnecessary delay or confusion when it comes to handing out team orders. This just saves time and energy that could be better dedicated to making the Coyotes Youth Lacrosse program the best of its kind in Florida.

The team at Coyotes Youth Lacrosse has been an innovative group that has worked to create opportunities for their lacrosse players to succeed at the next levels of lacrosse, and their Signature Partner Program store is another step in the right direction. After helping establish more tournaments and chances for lacrosse players to show off their skills, Program Director Madeline Lewis always is looking for another way to improve the experience of lacrosse players in her area. The Coyotes’ way of doing this used to be extra focus on developing their lacrosse players’ skills and attitudes, and they’re able to commit even more time to this now that the Signature Partner Program has freed up even more time for their staff.

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With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, the Coyotes Youth Lacrosse players and parents always know they will get what they’re looking for from their own custom lacrosse apparel store. And the options for these players and parents are updated throughout the year, so there’s always the right gear for the weather. The variety of options is a nice perk of the Signature Partner Program, but the real cherry on top is the cash-back sent to the Coyotes Youth Lacrosse program through every purchase in their custom store. Having a system like this set up allows the Coyotes Youth Lacrosse program to raise money year round and reduce the cost for their lacrosse players through the apparel and uniforms that would have been purchased no matter what. Now, the program is really getting a benefit from their players in the same way that the players get one from the Coyotes Youth Lacrosse program.



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