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Grippy Lacrosse Balls Make Reps Matter - Signature Lacrosse

Grippy Lacrosse Balls Make Reps Matter - Signature Lacrosse

Watching a lacrosse player take the ball out of their stick during practice to exchange it with a grippy lacrosse ball is a very sad sight. This means that the first lacrosse ball is no longer good enough for useful reps, and the lacrosse team is going to need to stock up on lacrosse balls again soon. Our Founder, Dan Soviero, was tired of seeing this happen and decided that enough was enough when it comes to greasy lacrosse balls without enough grip. After realizing that he needed to create a lacrosse ball that was made differently than the others in the market, Dan started Signature Lacrosse to solve problems for lacrosse players and advance the sport.

Grippy Lacrosse Balls Keep Lacrosse Moving

Lacrosse players love “grippy” lacrosse balls that let them really feel the ball, but that feeling goes away too quickly with regular lacrosse balls. By redesigning the composition of the lacrosse ball and how it’s made, Signature lacrosse balls stay grippy for longer than the competition and make greasers a distant memory. These longer lasting grippy lacrosse balls from Signature Lacrosse make reps matter more by simulating the feel of the fresh lacrosse balls used in games and preparing lacrosse players for the moments that matter most.

How Do Lacrosse Balls Lose Their Grip?

Lacrosse balls are solid, but their surfaces are porous. With thousands of smalls little crevices, lacrosse balls lose their grip when dirt, dust, or sediment finds its way into the surface of the ball. In a similar way to how your skin gets dirtier or greasier when oils and grime get into your pores, the same happens to most lacrosse balls.

Another way that lacrosse balls lose their grip is by having these pores on the surface “burnt’ off. The friction caused by lacrosse balls coming out of your pocket, hitting the net, or running along the ground can actually reduce the grip of most lacrosse balls. This is because those pores mentioned above enhance the grip of a lacrosse ball. All of that friction smooths out the surface of your lacrosse ball and leaves you with a greasy lacrosse ball nobody wants.

How Signature Lacrosse Balls Stay So Grippy

While we can’t share all of our secrets, Signature Lacrosse balls stay grippy thanks to the developments made by our amazing team. We’ve researched the rubbers, we’ve tested the prototypes, and we’ve made millions of lacrosse balls in the pursuit of a better lacrosse ball. During all of that, we were able to develop our proprietary formula that truly makes a lacrosse ball everyone wants to play with. Our Signature Premium lacrosse balls stay grippy throughout use, weather, and time; which are the main causes of lacrosse balls getting greasy.

pro s1 lacrosse balls

Signature Lacrosse Pro S1 Lacrosse Balls - The Ultimate Grippy Lacrosse Balls

For those who want to kick things up a notch, Signature Lacrosse has created our new Pro S1 Lacrosse Ball that features surface dimples for added grip and feel. This “shooters ball” debuted in the 20th season of the MLL as the official lacrosse ball of the league and has made waves throughout the lacrosse world. Using the same things we learned in making our Signature Premium lacrosse balls, we created a lacrosse ball that flies better, can be seen more easily, and, of course, has more grip. If you don’t trust what we have to say, just ask some MLL professional lacrosse players.

Need Grippy Lacrosse Balls?

If you’re a coach, program director, or lacrosse player in need of large quantities of lacrosse balls, you can get a custom quote by contacting us directly. Signature Lacrosse is always working to make lacrosse affordable, accessible, and enjoyable for all; and that all starts with getting the right lacrosse equipment.

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