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Kids Lacrosse Africa Joins Signature Partner Program
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Kids Lacrosse Africa Joins Signature Partner Program

The Signature Partner Program has officially gone international with the addition of Kids Lacrosse Africa to our family of clubs and programs. Taking on the challenge of growing the sport of lacrosse in Africa at a grassroots level, Kids Lacrosse Africa fosters inclusive practice facilities and team environments for young athletes to try a sport that offers a change of pace from what they are used to. The focus of Kids Lacrosse Africa is directed at the development of a sustainable lacrosse community in Africa, but their objectives include preventing discrimination in lacrosse, improving the African presence in the global lacrosse community, and nurturing their lacrosse players minds and skills throughout their athletic careers. To accomplish the many feats set before Kids Lacrosse Africa and their Founder Mamawi Andrew, it’s imperative that they are able to dedicate all of their energy to meaningful aspects of growing their program and the game within Uganda. By joining the Signature Partner Program, Kids Lacrosse Africa and all of their athletes are able to increase their fundraising and spread awareness of their mission without having to lift a finger.

Kids Lacrosse Africa Team Apparel Store

Now that Kids Lacrosse Africa is a part of the Signature Partner Program, they have their own custom lacrosse apparel store that’s open all year long for their athletes and supporters. Featuring lacrosse apparel designed for the Kids Lacrosse Africa coaching staff, lacrosse players, and fans, the Kids Lacrosse Africa store is stocked with options for everyone. And by being offered to both the Kids Lacrosse Africa participants and other lacrosse players from around the world, the Kids Lacrosse Africa message is spread to different lacrosse communities every time there’s a purchase.

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The decision to shop at the Kids Lacrosse Africa custom lacrosse store supports their program in more ways than one, as all of the orders from their store send fundraising dollars back to Kids Lacrosse Africa to improve their facilities and expand their reach. With the support and services of the Signature Partner Program, Kids Lacrosse Africa can excel where it matters most and leave the lacrosse apparel logistics to our dedicated team that’s working to give them the best experience possible.

Kids Lacrosse Africa Custom Lacrosse Apparel & Gear

To provide support to Kids Lacrosse Africa, the Signature Partner Program completely handles all of the needs of their program and maintains their custom lacrosse apparel store with a variety of options that rotate to accommodate varying weather and climates. The Signature Partner Program also ensures the highest levels of quality in the orders from the Kids Lacrosse Africa custom apparel store that's also backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Orders will arrive directly to you and be exactly what you ordered or we’ll take it back and make it right. But the shining star of Kids Lacrosse Africa joining the Signature Partner Program is the extra fundraising that’s sent directly to Kids Lacrosse Africa without them having to do anything except continue to love the sport of lacrosse. Supporting the Kids Lacrosse Africa program through the Signature Partner Program is exactly how we’re able to facilitate the growth of the sport of lacrosse and improve the global reach of the game.



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