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Lake Monsters Lacrosse Club Joins Signature Partner Program
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Lake Monsters Lacrosse Club Joins Signature Partner Program

Something mysterious is lurking just below the surface of the all new Lake Monsters custom lacrosse apparel store, and luckily it’s just great savings and a chance to help the Lake Monsters LC continue their growth through fundraising. The Lake Monsters LC becoming a member of the Signature Partner Program and opening their very own custom lacrosse apparel store is another first for the Signature Team, as the Lake Monsters are our first program from Kentucky.

Helping keep the growth of lacrosse alive in all parts of the world is always the goal, and the Lake Monsters LC are doing their best to keep developing their lacrosse community in the Lexington County area. With local lacrosse players who have collegiate lacrosse experience at the helm of the coaching staff, the Lake Monsters LC is a grassroots squad from the bluegrass that’s now partnering with the most innovative lacrosse brand in the industry. You can help support the Lake Monsters LC and their mission to keep lacrosse affordable, fun, safe, and enriching for their community. Shop Lake Monsters Lacrosse Club Now

Lake Monsters LC Lacrosse Team Apparel Store

Putting the players first has always been the focus of the Lake Monsters LC, and that’s why they operate as a non-profit organization with volunteer lacrosse coaches from their community. Structuring their program this way allows them to keep the cost of playing lacrosse low within their area and promote the growth of the sport. Finding every way possible to get more money to the Lake Monsters LC without getting any more from the players is the goal every single season, but this next year is a whole different story.

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Now, as a part of the Signature Partner Program, the Lake Monsters LC have their very own custom lacrosse apparel store that helps fundraise for their program. Each time you shop at the Lake Monsters custom lacrosse store, you send fundraising cash back to their program to help keep costs low and improve their operation. You also get access to exclusive Lake Monsters LC lacrosse apparel and gear that’s only available in their custom lacrosse apparel store. And the advantages of the new Lake Monsters LC lacrosse store don’t stop there.

Lake Monsters LC Custom Lacrosse Apparel & Gear

Getting the newest and freshest Lake Monsters LC lacrosse gear has never been easier now that they’re a part of the Signature Partner Program and have access to made in the USA custom lacrosse apparel. This keeps shipping costs down, allows the players or fans the chance to have their orders shipped directly to them, and reduces the time it takes to get that order to your doorstep. The custom Lake Monsters LC lacrosse apparel has a turnaround time that’s lightning fast and helps the team avoid having to do a yearly apparel handout day.

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But that’s a double benefit because the Lake Monsters LC apparel and gear is available all year long with rotating collections too. All of this is handled completely by the Signature Team, and that’s why the Lake Monsters LC decided to join the Signature Partner Program in the first place. The Lake Monsters’ coaches are volunteers and are there to coach the players, not order swag bags and collect the order forms from parents. The Signature Partner Program and the new Lake Monsters LC custom lacrosse apparel store helps these coaches spend more time on the field with their players, and less time figuring out what to do about lacrosse apparel every year.



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