Lakeshore Lacrosse Joins the Signature Partner Program

Lakeshore Lacrosse signing up for the Signature Partner Program is a wonderful and welcome addition to the Signature family, and one that we’re thrilled to tell you about. With a focus on building up female athletes, Lakeshore Lacrosse is a women’s lacrosse powerhouse that puts the needs of the players first. From the extensive coaching staff with decades of lacrosse experience to the assistance with college recruiting, there are many reasons why Lakeshore Lacrosse makes an excellent lacrosse program; and joining the Signature Partner Program just made it even better. Now that Signature Lacrosse is helping Lakeshore Lacrosse with all of their lacrosse apparel and gear, every purchase from their new custom lacrosse apparel store gets fundraising cashback sent right to the program. And the ease and convenience of this new Lakeshore Lacrosse apparel store helps get all your favorite lacrosse gear delivered right to your door.

Lakeshore Lacrosse Signature Team Apparel Store

Women’s lacrosse players of all levels have the opportunity to grow as athletes and people with Lakeshore Lacrosse in an environment staffed by women committed to growing the sport. Since 2003, Lakeshore lacrosse has been developing the talents and improving the confidence of women’s lacrosse athletes looking to excel. Lakeshore’s Founder, Bridget Olp, and Chief Operating Officer, Amanda Kammes, both captain a ship that ushers waves of women’s lacrosse players into tournaments and competitions around the country, and Director of Recruiting & Coaching, Michelle Sebastian, helps the athletes take the next step in their journeys. There are multiple teams of varying age and skill levels, and even chances to play box lacrosse, when you’re a part of Lakeshore Lacrosse. As a program, Lakeshore Lacrosse embodies all the positive aspects of lacrosse and uses its influence to benefit female athletes wanting to improve themselves.

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Because the Lakeshore Lacrosse program offers so many chances to play competitive lacrosse and participate in lacrosse training, their coaching staff shouldn’t have to be bothered with trivial matters like ordering the apparel for the players and handing it out. The Signature Lacrosse Partner Program solves that problem by helping free up the coaching staff and making getting the best custom lacrosse apparel possible easier than ever before. Lakeshore Lacrosse now has their very own custom lacrosse apparel store that all of their athletes and their parents can use to find gear, apparel, and more all year long. And every single purchase from the Lakeshore Lacrosse store sends cash back to the program to help reduce costs for players.

Lakeshore Lacrosse Custom Lacrosse Apparel

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Members of the Signature Partner Program get the benefit of a 100% satisfaction guarantee that will replace any mistakes or discrepancies to ensure you and your program look and feel as great as you possibly can whenever you place an order. The Lakeshore Lacrosse customer lacrosse store includes products that are exclusive to their collection and will be rotated throughout the year so you’re ready to dress for any season. And orders go directly to your home in a week to avoid the hassle of having to wait months and then get it handed out by the coaches. The entire process has been completely revolutionized with the Signature Partner Program, and Lakeshore Lacrosse’s custom lacrosse store is just another perk of playing women’s lacrosse in such an amazing program.