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Manatee Wildcats Lacrosse Joins Signature Partner Program
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Manatee Wildcats Lacrosse Joins Signature Partner Program

Developmental lacrosse programs like the Manatee Wildcats are the foundation of the lacrosse community, and having the Wildcats join the Signature Partner Program makes us proud to be supporting youth lacrosse. Handling a youth lacrosse program is a full-time commitment, and anything that can help with efficiency is normally a very welcome introduction to the process. That’s where joining the Signature Partner Program and opening a custom lacrosse apparel store steps in to help put the parents, players, and coaches of the Manatee Wildcats have a successful lacrosse season without having to worry about order forms, deadlines, or months of waiting.

Manatee Wildcats Lacrosse Signature Lacrosse Team Apparel Store

Under the umbrella of the Manatee Wildcats organization, the Manatee Wildcats Lacrosse program operates teams and lacrosse training for youth boys and girls lacrosse players on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Since 1986, the Manatee Wildcats have been giving youth athletes the chance to grow in various sports and become the next coaches of tomorrow. Originally operating just football and cheerleading, the Manatee Wildcats now have a thriving lacrosse program, directed by Nicholas Pagnotta, that provides a way for youth lacrosse players to play locally and on the road.

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The experiences gained through the Manatee Wildcats Lacrosse development program put these young lacrosse players in a position to have successful high school lacrosse careers and move on to higher levels of competition. This is greatly due to the coaching given to the youth lacrosse players in the Manatee Wildcats Lacrosse program, and joining the Signature Partner Program now frees up the Wildcats coaches for a more complete lacrosse experience and more efficient season, every season.

Manatee Wildcats Lacrosse Custom Lacrosse Apparel

With the new Manatee Wildcats Lacrosse apparel store, the Wildcats coaches never have to worry about any ordering logistics because the entire process is handled from start to finish for them. All the Manatee Wildcats lacrosse players have to do is pick out their favorite choices from the rotating collection and wait a few short days for their apparel order to arrive right to their door. This process completely eliminates the need for ordering forms, collecting dues, or handing out the orders; which completely frees up the Wildcats’ coaching staff for more focus on practicing.

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There’s so much less stress on the coaches when the lacrosse apparel for the team is no longer a worry of theirs; and lacrosse parents are also more free to get what their children need and then decide on other purchases on their own time thanks to the Manatee Wildcats lacrosse store being open all year long. That means you can order whenever you like from the Manatee Wildcats lacrosse store, and with no minimum order values you can order as many times as you please. And every one of those orders from the Manatee Wildcats will help with the team fundraising by sending cashback to the Wildcats directly from every single order. So you can help reduce the costs on all Manatee Wildcats lacrosse players when you order your lacrosse apparel, or any of the available Signature Lacrosse gear, from the Manatee Wildcats lacrosse store.



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