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Miami Sharks Join Signature Partner Program
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Miami Sharks Join Signature Partner Program

We’re officially swimming with the baddest predator in the ocean now that the Miami Sharks have joined our growing Signature Partner Program and opened their own custom lacrosse apparel store.

The Miami Sharks are a part of the expanding Baltimore Crabs Lacrosse program that has taken up roots in Florida to expand the growth of lacrosse. The Florida Crabs Lacrosse program is a newly established leader in scholastic lacrosse for youth athletes seeking structure and competition. Their lacrosse program closely works with ambitious student athletes who intend to play at the highest level of collegiate lacrosse by developing their skills, fitness, and understanding of the game. Using a combination of lacrosse coaching and IQ development, the Crabs Lacrosse coaching staff crafts a well-rounded ambassador of the sport out of all their participants. Alumni of Crabs Lacrosse have gone on to become All World, All Pro, and All American athletes thanks to the trusted model they use throughout players’ growth.

Miami Sharks Lacrosse Team Apparel Store

Through the addition of the Miami Sharks to the Signature Partner Program partnership, we’ve opened up a custom lacrosse apparel store for the players, coaches and fans of the Miami Sharks. Stocked with plenty of purple, the Miami Sharks custom lacrosse apparel store is the ultimate spot for getting your gameday gear and restocking your lacrosse locker when you need new equipment.

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Miami Sharks Lacrosse program director Jason Conner, who has an extensive lacrosse coaching and playing background, puts in a great deal of time preparing the players for tournaments and planning for each contest. Aided by Coach Trevor Pellitier, the Miami Sharks Lacrosse coaching staff is committed to consistently improving their players every season. But this isn’t their only commitment as Coach Conner also currently works as Head Coach of Men’s Lacrosse at ASA Miami College, and Coach Pellitier is enrolled at Pepperdine University to earn a law degree. And this is where the Signature Partner Program was able to step in and revamp the Miami Sharks Lacrosse program with their new custom lacrosse apparel store.

Miami Sharks Lacrosse Custom Lacrosse Apparel

By joining the exciting Signature Partner Program, lacrosse coaches can repurpose their valuable time that used to be spent organizing the lacrosse team apparel ordering process. Coach Conner and Coach Pellitier are able to use their tight schedules more efficiently to benefit the players of the program on the field, instead of handing out packages for hours.

Our custom team apparel is a win-win for fans, players and coaches who want to look their best without dealing with the worst service. Thanks to our fundraising cash back from every order sent to support the Miami Sharks, a satisfaction guarantee, and a hassle-free online operation sending all orders directly to you, the Miami Sharks Signature Partner Program store removes all worries and replaces them with wows.

Sold out

Sold out

The Signature Partner Program streamlines the apparel process, allowing more time for coaches to game-plan, strategize, and execute. And there’s never a need for coaches to worry about deadlines with their players because the Miami Sharks custom lacrosse apparel store is open all year long and ships custom orders to you in a few weeks.

There’s also the very best feature of the Miami Sharks lacrosse store - the cash back to the Miami Sharks program to reduce costs for the players. Every time you make a purchase at the Miami Sharks lacrosse apparel store, you’re supporting the Miami Sharks program grow and sustain itself for the future.

All orders are also protected with the Signature Lacrosse 100% satisfaction guarantee for any replacement of flawed orders or mistakes. This applies to all of the Miami Sharks custom lacrosse apparel, which is proudly produced in the United States. And with their custom lacrosse apparel store now open, all the Miami Sharks lacrosse players are in for a real treat when they hit the field for the first time in their all new gear.



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