Pre-Season Coaches Packet for Youth Lacrosse

With the Fall Lax Season around the corner, we're as pumped to start as you are! If you are returning to the field as a coach or just starting your coaching career, we want to help you be prepared! Below is a Coaches Pre-Season Packet from Palms LC that breaks down all aspects of what makes a successful season!
PALMS LACROSSE CLUB Boys Coaches Onboarding Packet Fall 2021 Practice Plans:
❖ Practice plans are a necessary part of running a successful and efficient practice as a coach. You are expected to communicate on a weekly basis with your co-coach to come up with a structured plan to meet the needs of your team to prepare them for game days. This can be done using our practice plan template, or using your own method of organization.
❖ Based on your experience with the Palms LC coaching methodology:
➢ New Coaches: It is a requirement for your first season to submit practice plans using our practice plan template. This will allow us to properly analyze your coaching style and methods, in addition to watching you coach on field. Practice plan templates need to be submitted every Monday to for evaluation. After the season, Maddie and Vanessa will evaluate your coaching methods and recommend either continuing with weekly practice plan submission or loosening the reins on it for the following season.
➢ Returning Coaches: We have evaluated your coaching style and methods and trust that you will continue to use the Palms coaching methodology to develop your players. With this being said, you are no longer required to submit your practice plans on a weekly basis. However, your practices are expected to run smoothly, so if using the practice plan template was something that worked for you as a coach, feel free to continue using the template. You are subject to move back to practice plan requirements if Maddie or Vanessa feel that practices could be run more efficiently.
❖ The Palms LC coaching practice plan template provides a structured breakdown of the expectations of how we expect practices to be run throughout the season. As you are creating your practice plan for the week, please see the table below:
Retention is a big piece of the puzzle to a successful club program. As a Palms LC coach, we trust that you are committed to positive coaching methods and building the program. Providing a safe environment for learning is the goal as a Palms coaching staff member. Your team’s player and parent retention is your responsibility. The best way to maintain a high retention rate is to form relationships with each and every player and parent with your co-coach. By the end of the season, you should be familiar with everyone involved in your team’s success. This will help build the chemistry of the team, and also create an open line of communication to make sure everyone is on the same page throughout the season. You will join your team’s team reach channel (an app we use for communicating) and provide updates to your team there. You are responsible for communicating with the parents and players about changes to playing time, improvements on the field, etc. If a player or parent is unhappy about a situation, you should be the first point of contact to resolve the situation to the best of your ability. We understand that some situations will be more complicated than others, so Maddie and Vanessa will always be available to provide assistance when needed. We appreciate your dedication to the program.
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