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Flock Talk - Quick Connect Lacrosse Goals & Herm

Flock Talk - Quick Connect Lacrosse Goals & Herm

I spent my entire quarantine with one of my favorite new products, the Signature Quick Connect lacrosse goal. At Signature, we are always searching for ways to innovate products that need attention, and I believe that our Quick Connect Goals really deliver on innovation for lacrosse teams.

Signature Quick Connect Goals Reliability

I have put my nets through the ringer through the last few months in all sorts of conditions. In both hot and cold, rain or drought, the goals have stayed true and as tough as the day that I got them in the mail. My favorite thing, beyond the fact that I can get my Quick Connect goals up and running in less than fifteen minutes, is the durability of the frame. I have had lots of goals through the years that start to warp as soon as a lacrosse ball hits it. Eventually, these other lacrosse goals fall apart from constant wear and tear; but my Signature Lacrosse goals and nets are looking pristine.

We all know what those other nets look like after a month eh? Well, not the Signature Quick Connect lacrosse goals.

There have also been weeks at a time that I would leave the nets up in the backyard and not even think about them through the crazy conditions. And each time I’d come back, they’re still standing strong without any sign of wear from the climate. This reliability is something that was stressed throughout the design process of the Quick Connect lacrosse goal and something that we are constantly trying to innovate in our lacrosse goals!

Signature Quick Connect Goals Quickness

We all know the struggle of stringing a net to the goal frame. It is quite literally the worst process in the entirety of lacrosse. It normally takes hours and hours just to get the goal for one game up and ready to go. Now, with the screws in Quick Connect technology, you have the ability to be on the field within minutes of unpacking the car. This is something that not only saves time for parents but also for the tournament directors that have five fields going on any given day.

Who is the Signature Quick Connect lacrosse goal made for?

This net is made for anyone in the game! It solves an issue that has gone unspoken for decades and will help you get more reps each day.

On the whole, you need a Quick Connect Goal! That’s all.

Signature Lacrosse 6x6 Signature Premium Practice Quick Connect Goal Kit | Red
Sold out

Signature Lacrosse 6x6 Signature Premium Practice Quick Connect Goal Kit | Red
Sold out

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