Signature Lacrosse Becomes Official Ball of Interstate Box Lacrosse Association

Signature Lacrosse Becomes Official Ball of Interstate Box Lacrosse Association

The Interstate Box Lacrosse Association, or IBLA, just announced that Signature Lacrosse is now the official ball of their nationwide organization that is continuing the growth of box lacrosse in the United States. Signature Lacrosse will provide the entire IBLA with our cutting edge Signature Lacrosse Pro S1 Balls for official competitions and practices. This partnership also has allowed for the creation of the brand new IBLA custom lacrosse store on the Signature Lacrosse site featuring all IBLA merchandise that fans, players, and supporters can get for themselves. Presently, the IBLA consists of seventeen regions that compete amongst themselves and then against one another in a nationwide system which organizes a yearly national championship.

“We are excited to partner with the IBLA, the largest semi pro box league in the US, as they advance the box game! Adopting the Pro S1 ball for all league play is a huge milestone for getting our Pro S1 ball technology adopted across the sport and we are excited to continue making advancements and partnerships that push the market forward!” - Dan Soviero, Signature Lacrosse Founder/CEO

Why the Signature Lacrosse Pro S1?

Innovation is a manmade creation for solving problems and alleviating issues, which is what inspired not only the creation of Signature Lacrosse’s newest ball, the Pro S1, but also all of Signature Lacrosse. A better lacrosse ball can create a better game of lacrosse as the players are then able to play without the worry of their equipment negatively affecting their game. That’s why Signature Lacrosse has worked to create more consistent lacrosse balls that advocate for a higher quality of play on the field. The all new Signature Lacrosse Pro S1 is just the latest chapter of innovation from Signature Lacrosse where we tackled improving lacrosse ball flight patterns and reducing impact force. Coming in our exclusive Hyper Yellow color, the Signature Lacrosse Pro S1 was created for better visual tracking, but we couldn’t stop there. The Signature Lacrosse Pro S1 is a true “shooters’ ball” that allows for crisp and precise shots, easier passing, and quicker reactions from all players on the field. You can learn even more about the Pro S1 right here.

IBLA Custom Lacrosse Apparel & Gear

With the new IBLA custom lacrosse store up and running, you can now get high quality custom lacrosse apparel designed just for the IBLA with a few clicks of your mouse. It’s that simple to support your favorite adult box lacrosse league and get some sweet lacrosse gear out of it while you’re at it. All of the custom lacrosse apparel in the IBLA store is proudly made in the USA, and you are always protected by the Signature Lacrosse 100% satisfaction guarantee that your custom apparel will be free from flaws and issues. So check out the IBLA custom lacrosse apparel store today and start looking the part before playing the part.

About Interstate Box Lacrosse Association

The Interstate Box Lacrosse Association (IBLA) is the nation's largest adult box lacrosse league. The IBLA was formed to ultimately unify the system of Regional Box Lacrosse Leagues (RBLL) around the country. Each RBLL is its own state-wide league for the senior level of lacrosse for ages 18+ players. All RBLL's in each state use the same set of rules and follow similar regular season and playoff structures. These commonalities across all RBLL's is what brought the unification of the IBLA. In addition, the winner of each RBLL region each season, is granted the prestigious spot to compete in the IBLA Nationals. They play against the winner of each region within the IBLA network across the country.

In 2019 the IBLA became official partners with the National Lacrosse League. IBLA players, coaches, and officials now are able to have an opportunity to make the jump to the NLL.

About Signature Lacrosse

Signature Lacrosse was founded in 2016 by Dan Soviero, former college lacrosse player and more recently a Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient. The company is known for its ground-breaking innovations: a proprietary goal system with its “Quick Connect Technology” and performance lacrosse balls, which quickly grew to become the official ball of the NLL, WPLL, MLL, CLL, and used at more than 300 college programs nationwide. Signature Lacrosse now offers a full line of lacrosse equipment and apparel, inclusive of team uniforms. The Signature Lacrosse Partner Program provides 24/7/365 teams stores with the highest quality equipment, fully sublimated uniforms, and the best seasonal collection of custom fan gear for the families in youth sports programs. For more information, visit Signature Lacrosse.

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