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Swarm Lacrosse Club Joins the Signature Partner Program

Swarm Lacrosse Club Joins the Signature Partner Program

The Signature Lacrosse connection in Florida keeps going with the addition of the Swarm Lacrosse Club to the Signature Partner Program. Headquartered in Central Florida, the Swarm Lacrosse Club provides a structured lacrosse experience to players while emphasizing the importance of the message of Christ. With opportunities for lacrosse players to participate from grades 1-12, Swarm Lacrosse Club offers year round lacrosse for different age groups and always makes the focus of their teams the sportsmanship and integrity of lacrosse. By holding themselves to a high standard, Swarm Lacrosse Club has become one of the fastest growing lacrosse clubs in Florida. And joining the Signature Partner Program has allowed the Swarm Lacrosse Club to extend the high standards of their coaching staff to their custom lacrosse uniform and apparel so that all their teams look great without any issues. The new Swarm Lacrosse Club custom lacrosse store is now open for business and ready to serve the entire Swarm Lacrosse family all year long.

Swarm Lacrosse Club Signature Team Apparel Store

For over ten years, Swarm Lacrosse Club has been mentoring lacrosse players on the skills of the game and values that extend into the world outside the lacrosse field. Coach Brett Kenefick has crafted a system of improving the young men who join the Swarm Lacrosse Club through the message of Christ.

The importance of attitude, outlook, and sportsmanship are central to this faith based lacrosse program, and the coaching staff of the Swarm Lacrosse Club always puts the players first. By helping all of their youth lacrosse players develop a foundational understanding of the game of lacrosse, Swarm Lacrosse Club has guided multiple lacrosse players toward playing at the highest levels of NCAA and becoming high school All-Americans.

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This success of their athletes is all due to the hard work and dedication from those lacrosse players and the talented coaching staff of the Swarm Lacrosse Club. But now, thanks to joining the Signature Partner Program, the coaches of the Swarm Lacrosse Club no longer will be bogged down with order forms or uniform handout days; so all their time and focus can be devoted to the lacrosse players.

Swarm Lacrosse Club Custom Lacrosse Uniforms & Apparel

When lacrosse coaches have to spend time organizing a handout day or inputting all the orders for lacrosse spirit wear, they’re spending time on dressing their lacrosse players instead of improving them as people. Because the Signature Partner Program allows for teams to get all their uniforms and custom lacrosse apparel delivered right to the players’ homes, this takes the lengthy and boring process of handing out orders out of the equation. And with the new Swarm Lacrosse Club Team Store, players and parents can order their lacrosse apparel on their own time and as often as they want with no minimum order value.

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This process totally frees up the coaches, players, and parents from the archaic system of order forms, and every single order from the Swarm Lacrosse store sends cash back to the program to reduce costs for their players. The store also has a 100% satisfaction guarantee so Swarm lacrosse players can feel assured that they’re getting exactly what they ordered; or the replacement is on us. With lighting turn around times, a year round rotating selection of custom lacrosse apparel, and quality lacrosse equipment for incredible prices, the new Swarm Lacrosse Club team store is ready to make the Swarm experience even better.



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