Tampa Palms Lacrosse Club Joins Signature Partner Program

Tampa Palms Lacrosse Club Joins Signature Partner Program

The Tampa Palms Lacrosse Club now has their very own custom lacrosse apparel store presented through Signature Lacrosse. Every purchase of custom lacrosse apparel and your Tampa Palms lacrosse uniform purchase helps raise funds directly for the Tampa Palms Lacrosse Club. And no matter whether you’re a Tampa Palms lacrosse player, parent, relative, friend, or fan, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for to show off your Palms pride. You can find the Tampa Palms Lacrosse Club team store below for their latest collection, but be sure to check back regularly for new items and seasonal changes to the available items throughout the whole year.

Tampa Palms Signature Lacrosse Team Apparel Store

Founded in 2018, the Tampa Palms Lacrosse Club is a boys and girls lacrosse club that promotes forming well-rounded lacrosse players and people through a lacrosse experience. Tampa Palms Lacrosse Club’s Program Director, Madeline Lewis, is a life-long lacrosse enthusiast whose attachment to coaching lacrosse and being around the game helped inspire her to form the Palms.

With 11 lacrosse teams for both boys and girls to play on, the Tampa Palms Lacrosse Club provides a travel lacrosse opportunity to hundreds of lacrosse players in the greater Tampa area. These lacrosse players are taught the values of leadership, effort, passion, integrity, and accountability throughout their lacrosse career with the Tampa Palms Lacrosse Club, and these lessons are meant to make the experience with the lacrosse program enriching beyond the time the players spend on the field. More information is available at Palms Lacrosse.

Tampa Palms Lacrosse Club's Custom Lacrosse Apparel and Uniforms

Now, Tampa Palms Lacrosse Club players, parents, and families can enjoy getting a delivery of apparel to rep the team or any of the premium lacrosse goods provided by Signature Lacrosse directly from their custom store at any time with no minimum order value. Custom lacrosse apparel stores from Signature Lacrosse make it easy on everyone involved and eliminate the slow process of order forms and hand-out days. You can order your team uniform directly to your house and include any custom lacrosse team apparel or Signature Lacrosse sticks, premium lacrosse balls, or quick-connect lacrosse goals that will all send money right back to the Tampa Palms Lacrosse Club.

"Even with my amazing staff of coaches and our dedicated parents, ordering our lacrosse uniforms and spirit-wear each season was an absolute nightmare before becoming a part of the Signature Partner Program. Getting fundraising from every order, eliminating the stress and worry of order forms, and knowing my players will all have their lacrosse uniforms delivered to them before our first game makes my whole program run more efficiently." - Madeline Lewis, Tampa Palms Lacrosse Club Program Director

Tampa Palms Lacrosse Club Uniform

Sold out
Sold out

The 2020 Tampa Palms lacrosse uniform in dark navy and white is contrasted by the relaxing cool blue details of the palm tree print on the sides. And this look is both easy and breezy in more ways than one because ordering your uniform is as easy as can be through your team store, and you’ll be breezy cool in the lightweight and moisture-wicking uniforms made for performance and comfort.

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