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Treasure State Lacrosse Joins Signature Partner Program
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Treasure State Lacrosse Joins Signature Partner Program

The Signature Partner Program just struck gold with the addition of Treasure State Lacrosse to our growing family. Operating in 11 states, Treasure State Lacrosse has helped develop the expanding lacrosse communities of the West. With their extensive coaching staff, the Treasure State Lacrosse program has helped bring lacrosse to countless athletes and taught them the importance of sportsmanship. And now that Treasure State Lacrosse has their very own custom lacrosse apparel store, all of their lacrosse players will be able to represent their team and find the gear they love like a diamond in the rough.

Treasure State Lacrosse Team Apparel Store

Lacrosse's recognition as an "east coast" sport is something that Treasure State Lacrosse has been working to reverse in the modern era of the game. There's no reason for athletes to be limited to certain sports because of the region in which they live, and Treasure State Lacrosse has put years of work into helping lacrosse develop in the West. Using their decorated staff of All-American lacrosse players and seasoned lacrosse coaches, Treasure State Lacrosse has created a program that exposes athletes to a sport that used to be an unattainable option outside of their grasp. Now, lacrosse players from California to Montana are able to learn how to become better athletes and hone their craft under the guidance of the Treasure State Lacrosse program.

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With Chris Kelley as the Executive Director and Kevin Flynn as the Director of Operations, Treasure State Lacrosse has two "Coach of the Year" recipients at the helm. And the expertise of Coach Flynn and Coach Kelley is only the tip of the iceberg, as the Treasure State Lacrosse program has over 20 lacrosse coaches with a wealth of experience guiding their athletes through each season. With all of these moving parts and so many operations occurring in different states, joining the Signature Partner Program was a no-brainer for the Treasure State Lacrosse directors who knew that their own custom lacrosse apparel store was the best thing for their future.

Treasure State Lacrosse Custom Lacrosse Apparel

Getting every lacrosse player their apparel or uniform for the upcoming season can be a tall order when you're operating a program as vast as Treasure State Lacrosse. By opening their own custom lacrosse apparel store, Treasure State Lacrosse completely avoids having to ever collect another order form or hand out another package to a player. Every Treasure State Lacrosse player, parent, or fan can now just have their order delivered right to them at any point during the season. The Treasure State Lacrosse apparel store is open all year long with no order minimum so players can get exactly what they need to start the season and come back later to restock.

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Every player in the Treasure State Lacrosse program will be able to see the advantages of the store as soon as the visit it, but there's also the added bonus of cash back from every order going to Treasure State Lacrosse. That means all of the apparel you get from their lacrosse shop, and any lacrosse gear you may pick up from the shop, sends money back to Treasure State Lacrosse to reduce the cost for the players. When you combine the cash back benefit with the Signature Lacrosse 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of the apparel orders, there's assurance that you're helping the Treasure State Lacrosse program and ordering wisely every time you visit their custom lacrosse apparel store. And with all of the apparel in the Treasure State Lacrosse store being made in the United States, you know you're always supporting the lacrosse community where it matters most.



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