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Why Signature Lacrosse Wants You to Play Lacrosse This Spring

Why Signature Lacrosse Wants You to Play Lacrosse This Spring

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At Signature Lacrosse, we believe that lacrosse is the best sport on the planet and we’re always working to make the sport of lacrosse more accessible for more athletes. Sadly, not everyone shares this view about lacrosse; and, believe it or not, most people actually prefer to play a sport that’s not lacrosse for their main sport. And we accept that not everyone is going to consider lacrosse their favorite sport, but we won’t accept athletes missing out on the chance to play lacrosse. So we’ve focused on making lacrosse more accessible for athletes of all ages, and we want you (yes, you reading this right now) to play lacrosse this Spring.

If you currently play a different sport in another season, lacrosse is the perfect offseason sport for staying in shape and becoming a better overall athlete. And, if you currently don’t play a sport, lacrosse is the perfect chance for you to get involved in a sport and become part of a team. There are simply so many reasons why lacrosse is an excellent sport for any athlete to try out this Spring, and Signature Lacrosse is doing everything it can so that the accessibility of lacrosse is never a reason why an athlete can’t play.

Start Playing Lacrosse This Spring With Signature Lacrosse

It’s never too late to try something new or get better at what you’re already doing, and playing lacrosse this Spring can accomplish both of those things at once. Any athlete looking to improve at their favorite sport needs to consider lacrosse as an off-season sport because there are aspects of lacrosse that transfer to so many sports. Learning how to play lacrosse will give athletes a new experience, a new challenge, and a chance to improve their skills for their main sport without even thinking about it. There are motions within lacrosse and aspects of the game that translate to other sports extremely well and give athletes a chance to develop these skills in a new environment. The challenge is getting athletes to take a chance on lacrosse, but Signature Lacrosse is making lacrosse more accessible with our full line of complete lacrosse sticks for all ages and all positions of men’s, women’s, boy’s, and girl’s lacrosse.

Signature Academy athletes learning how to play lacrosse

Playing multiple sports is beneficial for athletic, social, and life skills of young athletes, and Signature Lacrosse wants athletes having the best experiences that they possibly can have. The idea of cross-training in sports and not specializing is something we always try to encourage at Signature Lacrosse as ambassadors and coaches of lacrosse.

Playing several sports to improve athleticism is something our Founder and CEO, Dan Soviero, has a lot of first-hand experience with and he remembers how, “Growing up in South Florida, I always played 3 sports year-round (football, soccer/wrestling/basketball, and obviously lacrosse), and specializing in one sport for the whole year never resonated with me. Now, as a coach, I encourage all players to try different sports in the off-season; not only to develop athleticism, but you constantly expose yourself to people from different walks of life. Playing multiple sports does wonders in terms of making you a better teammate and human being through teamwork and competition.”

His experience is one Dan hopes more athletes get a chance to have because he’s able to recognize the benefit that playing several sports had on his life. The development of Dan as an athlete in multiple sports and his love for lacrosse drove him to create Signature Lacrosse so more athletes would be able to play lacrosse, and the Signature Complete lacrosse sticks are helping make that a reality.

signature lax sticks

Signature Lacrosse was created to help make lacrosse more accessible through better lacrosse equipment at a better price, and more athletes are going to get involved with a sport that’s affordable and easy to pick up. The complete lacrosse sticks The Player & The Origin from Signature all come with Pro Strung Pockets that make them ready for a game straight out of the box, and Signature has the best-priced youth lacrosse sticks made with professional-level quality. The junior versions of The Player & The Origin are only $49.99, and the universal adult versions come with lifetime warranties. No matter who you are, Signature Lacrosse has the perfect complete lacrosse stick for you that you’re going to love once you start playing lacrosse.

Playing Multiple Sports Is Better for Athletes Than Specializing

Exclusively playing one sport during high school, middle school, and elementary school can actually hurt an athlete’s chances of succeeding in the long run. The NFHS, ESPN, and professional athletes encourage playing multiple sports for multiple reasons, including preventing injuries, and lacrosse is the perfect sport for athletes who are free during the Spring.

No matter your Fall or Winter sport, lacrosse can help with speed, endurance, and coordination that can improve overall athleticism. So we’re going to look at a few sports and make the case for why lacrosse can help any athlete improve their performance during their main sport. After all, sports are supposed to be fun, improve health, and teach life lessons to athletes, so why not try a new perspective on sports called lacrosse. It’s the oldest North American sport that’s played in an organized and professional form today, and we’re pretty big fans of it.

Signature Lacrosse Coaching at the Signature Academy

Why Football Players Should Try Lacrosse

Every football player wants to get faster, and lacrosse improves speed in the Spring while enhancing other valuable attributes like toughness, defensive scheming, communication, and agility. Did we forget to mention hand-eye coordination and footwork? Yes, your hands and feet will get extensive training from learning how to pass and catch, along with playing proper defense and dodging. These are just a few of the things football players can improve upon by playing lacrosse this Spring, and Signature Lacrosse is ready to get them on the field with the best complete lacrosse stick available.

Why Soccer Players Should Try Lacrosse

Soccer and lacrosse share a lot of similar aspects when it comes to creating offense and spacing for passing. You can learn a lot about scoring for one sport by watching, or playing, the other. And both sports share quite the fondness of running, so if you try out lacrosse this Spring you definitely will get your miles in. Soccer may be the beautiful game, but lacrosse is the creator’s game; and soccer players will love being able to use their hands for something besides throw-ins and picking up water bottles. If you’re going to try lacrosse this Spring and you’re a soccer player, the Signature Player & Origin complete lacrosse sticks are perfect for learning how to play lacrosse and get right into the action without hesitation.

Why Volleyball Players Should Try Lacrosse

Communication is key in volleyball, and defense in lacrosse is built on being able to communicate with teammates. Volleyball players will get a whole new sense of how communicating with teammates can work during a game. The length and speed of the games are also going to be a new challenge for volleyball players that can increase their stamina and endurance. The non-stop action in lacrosse puts a huge emphasis on being able to run like a stallion, or even a flamingo! Join the Flock by checking out the Signature Origin and Player complete lacrosse sticks and deciding to try lacrosse this Spring for a new change of pace.

Why Golfers Should Try Lacrosse

How do you hit a long drive in golf? Back strength, abdominal strength, body control, and hand-eye coordination all coming together in one motion. Sounds a bit like shooting in lacrosse doesn't it? Golfers will have a natural knack for shooting, and their strength and endurance will only improve by playing lacrosse in the Spring. And while the Spring is a great time to hit the course and play a lot of rounds, you’ll still have the whole Summer and weekends. Instead of spending the whole year golfing and getting burnt out, try playing lacrosse this Spring and use a Signature Player or Origin complete lacrosse stick to get the most out of next season.

Why Basketball Players Should Try Lacrosse

Defense in lacrosse is the same X’s and O’s as defense in Basketball but with more physicality. And few other sports give you the opportunity to iso a defender and then take them to the rack like basketball and lacrosse. There are so many similarities between the gameplay of lacrosse and basketball, and the pure running stamina needed for both sports can improve the off-season training for an athlete who plays both sports. All you need to get started playing lacrosse this Spring and improve your basketball game is a Signature complete lacrosse stick, the first lacrosse stick to come with a lifetime warranty.

Why Hockey Players Should Try Lacrosse

Hockey and lacrosse go together like peanut butter and chocolate, like lemonade and sunshine, like long hair curly hair and plastic helmets used in a stick-based sport. The resemblance is simply uncanny. Besides the striking similarities, The Great One, Wayne Gretzky, played lacrosse and has noted how playing lacrosse helped his hockey skills. That seems like the best reason you could ever ask for if you’re looking for an excuse to pick up lacrosse, but Signature Lacrosse offering a lifetime warranty on their universal complete lacrosse sticks might even be better. Who knows? It’s a close call if you ask us.

Why Every Athlete Should Try Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a historically significant and incredibly unique sport that combines athletic movements and strategies used in so many popular sports. Any athlete looking for a new sport to try should choose lacrosse if they’re looking to improve their overall athleticism and have a great time doing it. No matter the position you decide to play in lacrosse, you’ll get a chance to play both sides of the ball and work on becoming a better overall athlete through agility, footwork, and hand-eye coordination. The only difference between you and a great lacrosse player is that you don’t have a Signature Complete lacrosse stick, yet.


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