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Signature Lacrosse Premium Balls

Lacrosse Balls

Lacrosse Balls Direct

Explore our wide selection of certified, game ready lacrosse balls. Signature lacrosse balls are developed with our TOUGH GRIP rubber formula to give great ball control and feel when passing and catching. They last twice as long compared to other lacrosse balls under any conditions and on any surface. Our lacrosse balls are available in multiple colors and are shipped direct to you.

  • NOCASE / NFHS / NCAA Lacrosse Balls: Look no further for lacrosse balls approved and certified by the governing bodies for youth lacrosse, high school lacrosse and college lacrosse. White lacrosse balls are available in cases of 100 balls. Plus, bulk lacrosse balls are available in larger quantities for a discount.
  • CLA Lacrosse Balls: Signature Lacrosse is the official provider of lacrosse balls for Lacrosse Canada. Our CLA approved lacrosse balls are ready to ship in cases of 100 balls, shooter bags, and lacrosse ball sleeves.
  • Pro S1 Lacrosse Balls: Looking for textured lacrosse balls? We have them. Our Signature Pro S1 lacrosse balls are high visibility hyper yellow, textured and come in a lacrosse ball case, lacrosse ball shooter bag and sleeve of lacrosse balls. 

Lacrosse Balls For Massage

You don’t have to be a lacrosse player to use lacrosse balls. Our Signature Lacrosse balls are also recommended as physical therapy balls to help relieve tight muscles through myofascial release at home. The same proprietary rubber formula that players love on the field also guarantees no harsh chemical smell for use at home. 

Lacrosse Balls for Dogs

Our lacrosse balls are tough on the lacrosse field and also off the field. We think our lacrosse balls are the best balls for dogs. They are tough, long-lasting, and available in high visibility colors so you can easily locate them. Our dog balls are ready to ship to you in small quantities so you don’t have to purchase more than you need.

Signature Lacrosse Sticks

Lacrosse Sticks

Men’s Lacrosse Sticks

Explore our selection of lacrosse sticks for men and women that are designed by players and tested by pros. Our sticks are available in different shaft materials like aircraft aluminum and carbon fiber and exceed expectations of the most discerning players. All of our men’s and women’s complete lacrosse sticks come with a professionally strung mesh pocket for unmatched ball control, feel and shooting accuracy, plus our exclusive Signature Lifetime Warranty. We think that makes them some of the best lacrosse sticks available.

  • Men’s Lacrosse Sticks: Available for players of all ages and skill levels, our men’s lacrosse sticks are available in aircraft aluminum and carbon fiber shafts.
  • Women’s Lacrosse Sticks: Our women’s lacrosse stick, named The Origin, meets the unique needs of discerning female players and is the only women’s stick to come with the Signature Lifetime Warranty.
  • Junior Lacrosse Sticks: Signature’s lacrosse sticks for beginner and junior players are the perfect lacrosse sticks for players up to approximately 13 years old. Plus, our 19.5” beginner stick makes the perfect mini lacrosse stick, or fiddle stick for lacrosse fans of all ages.

Complete Lacrosse Sticks

Our complete lacrosse sticks each come with a Signature Contract Head. Each lacrosse stick head is strung with our exclusive lacrosse strings with Tightweave Technology that weave together more fibers per square millimeter, resulting in a tighter string profile without sacrificing strength. You can also choose from our selection of lacrosse shafts, heads and mesh kits to build your own complete lacrosse stick.

Premium Lacrosse Balls

Premium Lacrosse Balls

Bag of Lacrosse Balls

Signature Lacrosse has what you need with bags of lacrosse balls and cases of lax balls certified by Canada Lacrosse. Our CLA certified lacrosse balls are available in different colors like yellow, white, orange, pink and green depending on your lacrosse ball needs. 

  • Bag of Lacrosse Balls: Our lacrosse ball bags make the perfect companion for lacrosse practice. A convenient drawstring carry bag keeps the 25 lacrosse balls together for easy transport to a practice field, friend’s house or your backyard. Our bags are easier to carry than a bucket of lacrosse balls.
  • Case of CLA Lacrosse Balls: Buying a case of lacrosse balls is the easiest way to get a large quantity of lacrosse balls delivered directly to you for low cost. Our cases of CLA lacrosse balls come with free shipping. 

Soft Lacrosse Balls

Signature offers soft practice lacrosse balls for practice indoors or outdoors to reduce injury during practice at home. Safety when playing lacrosse is important, so our soft lacrosse balls have less impact force, which means a lower chance of getting hurt if hit by the ball during play or practice. Our soft practice lacrosse balls are easy to throw and catch but weigh less than official balls.

Colored Lacrosse Balls

Signature Lacrosse offers all the popular lax ball colors. You can buy lax balls in yellow, white, orange, pink and green. Plus, our pro lacrosse balls come in high visibility yellow.

Signature Lacrosse Shafts

Lacrosse Shafts

Defense Lacrosse Shafts

Explore our sought after men’s lacrosse shafts. Available in shaft lengths for offense and defense, our lacrosse shafts are the perfect starting point for building your own complete lacrosse stick or upgrading to a new lacrosse shaft.

  • Carbon Lacrosse Shafts: Our carbon fiber lacrosse shafts for offense and defense perform at the highest levels of the sport and are ready out of the box for the head and strings of your choice.
  • Aluminum Lacrosse Shafts: Our aircraft aluminum lacrosse shafts for offense and defense are the workhorse for high-performing intermediate lacrosse players looking for a lacrosse shaft to propel themselves to the next level. The shafts are ready out of the box for a head and strings of your choice. 
  • Lacrosse Heads: Signature’s selection of lacrosse heads and head + mesh kits offer the ideal way to complete your custom lacrosse stick build.

Signature Lacrosse Men's Complete Lacrosse Sticks

Men's Lacrosse Sticks

Lax Stick

Lacrosse Shafts

  • Carbon Lacrosse Shaft: Upgrade your lacrosse stick with a new shaft from Signature. Our best carbon fiber lacrosse shaft is ready for you in both 30” and 60” lengths.
  • Aluminum Lacrosse Shaft: If you are looking for a high quality aerospace-grade aluminum lacrosse shaft we have your covered.

Signature Lacrosse Junior Complete Sticks

Junior Lacrosse Sticks

Kids’ Lacrosse Sticks

The same craftsmanship and care that goes into the Signature Lacrosse men’s and women’s complete lacrosse sticks carries over to our lacrosse sticks for junior players, including lacrosse players just starting out. Our junior lacrosse sticks are the perfect sticks for players up to approximately 13 years old.

  • Boys Lacrosse Sticks: Our boys lacrosse stick options include our beginner stick for children up to 10 years old crafted with a lightweight, durable polymer shaft plus another stick option crafted in aircraft aluminum for older kids growing their lacrosse skills.
  • Girls Lacrosse Sticks: Our girls lacrosse stick is just as strong as our adult female stick, but crafted specifically for girls. It comes with a Signature Contract Head and a Signature Pro Strung Pocket.
  • Beginner Lacrosse Sticks: Signature’s boy’s beginner lacrosse stick lacrosse sticks for beginner and junior players are the perfect lacrosse sticks for players up to approximately 10 years old. Plus, our 19.5” beginner stick makes the perfect fiddle stick.

Beginner Lacrosse Sticks

Our boy's lacrosse stick for beginners up to approximately 10 years old is available in two shaft lengths depending on player age. The lightweight, durable polymer shaft is crafted specifically for smaller hands to ensure an easy grip and comfortable, natural movements. We think it’s the best beginner lacrosse stick for boys up to 10 years old. Plus, the 19.5” stick length option is a fun mini lacrosse stick, or fiddle stick, for all ages.

Signature Lacrosse Pro S1 Lacrosse Balls

Pro S1 Lacrosse Balls

Textured Lacrosse Balls

Our Signature Pro S1 Lacrosse Balls are special. The textured design and zero-defect manufacturing process means you get a textured lacrosse ball that performs at the highest levels of the game. They are aerodynamically engineered for faster shots and easier picks. Plus, our high visibility lacrosse ball color makes it easier to see on the field and on video. Available in cases, bags and tubes that make it simple to order the quantity you need.



Buy Lacrosse Balls

Look no further if you want to buy NOCASE NFHS NCAA lacrosse balls. Signature’s lacrosse balls are 100% certified and approved by youth lacrosse, high school lacrosse and college lacrosse governing organizations. Our SEI certified lacrosse balls not only meet the rigorous NOCSAE Standards but also adhere to the NFHS Authenticating Mark Standards, making them the go-to choice for youth, high school, and NCAA lacrosse play.

Long lasting Lax Balls

Signature lacrosse balls are built to last. With zero-defect industry-leading manufacturing standards, our NOCASE NFHS NCAA Lacrosse Balls last twice as long under any conditions and on any playing surface. You won’t be disappointed!

Buy Bulk Lacrosse Balls

Buy Bulk Lacrosse Balls

Wholesale Lacrosse Balls

Explore our premium selection of bulk lacrosse balls designed for optimal performance and durability. Our NOCSAE approved and practice lacrosse balls are perfect for players, coaches, and teams looking to stock up on high-quality balls without committing to a wholesale contract.

Crafted from our proprietary rubber compound, our premium bulk lacrosse balls are engineered to meet professional standards, ensuring a consistent and reliable playing experience. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, our lacrosse balls provide the perfect combination of feel and responsiveness for unparalleled gameplay.

Lacrosse Team Discounts

Choose from a variety of colors to match your team's aesthetic or personalize your practice sessions. Our bulk options make it easy to supply your entire team with the essential equipment they need to succeed on the field. Enjoy the convenience of buying bulk lacrosse balls online at your convenience, allowing for uninterrupted training sessions and game preparation.

Lacrosse Balls Direct

With a focus on quality and affordability, our bulk lacrosse balls are the go-to choice for players and coaches alike. Elevate your training sessions, perfect your shots, and dominate the game for less by buying direct from the manufacturer. Shop now and experience the difference that quality equipment can make in honing your lacrosse skills.