Team Sales Relationship Rep

Job Overview

Signature Lacrosse Relationship Rep.’s are responsible for making outbound calls to qualify new leads and build lifelong relationships with lacrosse organizations. Relationship Rep.’s will also be handling inbound calls, and keeping up with our existing clientele. Relationship Rep.’s introduce new products to market, and cross-sell existing clients, while identifying innovative distribution opportunities, new product opportunities, and new business opportunities.

Relationship Rep.’s process payment over the phone, build a pipeline of qualified leads, and strategically allocate time to maximize impact and results. The most successful team members at Signature are continuously focused on identifying and solving problems the market didn't even know existed.

Signature Lacrosse teammates set goals, collaborate with each other, share success, and continuously learn, grow, and improve.

The aim for this hire is to bring someone on who can grow into the top performing Sales Executive in the industry, building relationships that will propel Signature to continue to exceed its organizational growth goals!


Role & Responsibilities

Retain and expand existing customer base, cold/warm outreach, managing inbound leads, identify and develop new life long business relationships to drive forward the sport

Manage internal processes for business development; prepare and process communications, transactions, and reporting with excellence

Utilize unique, value add, sales approaches to achieve results through; phone calls, prospecting, qualifying, appointments, assessments, proposals, attending events, maintaining existing business and closing new business

Has a high sense of urgency to go above and beyond to provide an extraordinary customer experience and create meaningful internal team relationships

Utilize a CRM, database, the internet, and existing/future network to research prospects and qualify leads to develop new business and maintain high touch frequency with clients.

Perform related work as assigned or required with enthusiasm, effort, and performance.  


Key Attributes  

Desire to compete and beat yourself day in and day out

Holds self & teammates to high expectations for performance, accountability, and speak up/acknowledges in a constructive way when they/a teammate is falling short of the Signature Standard

Excels on a team, has passion for learning from others & own experience. And has a strong desire to share experience with other in an impactful way

Maintains performance through adversity, self aware with high integrity and has a strong commitment to personal development

Passionate about having meaningful work and meaningful relationships

Tackles work with energy and enthusiasm

Winning Attitude


Knowledge & Skills

Selective emotional based memory (Ex. Remember client’s Birthdays, big games, etc…)

Organized and detail oriented

Strong written skills

Uses tonality and mirroring to effectively build rapport  

Strategically values each interaction to lead prospects from X to Y

Technology/information systems knowledge

Knowledge of creative deal structuring

Team player


Minimum Qualification

Collegiate lacrosse experience & experience coaching at the youth and travel levels

Sincere passion for cold calling and building relationships

+2 Years Track record of Successfully Progressive cold calling Sales Experience

Proficiency with information systems, MS Office, Outlook, & Google Drive


Preferred Qualifications

Professional lacrosse experience & experience coaching at all levels

A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of education and experience.

+5 Year Track Record of High Performing Sales Experience

Stringing background, big time gearhead, and intrinsic motivation for progressing the sport