Fidget Spinner Butt End- Black

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Fidget Spinner + Butt End = Signature's Newest Accessory. 

Durability. This Fidget Spinner is designed from highly durable stainless steel with bearings that revolve at top speed to achieve the longest spin. Whether you are an anti-anxiety fidget spinner, a stress reliever, or just want to play around between drills- feel good while you’re on the field with this new accessory. 

5 Minute Spin – If you’ve used fidget spinners before, then you definitely know that the spinner is better the longer it spins. Get a spin going up to 5 minutes with the common flipping techniques (table-top, index-finger spin, etc.). Get your teammates on board and see who can spin the longest!

Up Your Game – want to put stress, anxiety, ADD or ADHD at bay so you can focus on your game? This new accessory is used to increase your focus and concentration while you’re at practice. Just tell Coach that when he tells you to stop spinning!