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Are Lacrosse Balls Safe For Dogs?
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Are Lacrosse Balls Safe For Dogs?

Here at The Lax House, we’re big dog guys; and while we do love a nice game of fetch, we wouldn't advise letting your dog use a lacrosse ball. All of the reasons why you shouldn't use a lax ball with your dog are for the safety of your pup. It’s your responsibility as the owner to look out for your dog, and letting dogs chew lacrosse balls can be dangerous. Jenna Stregowski, RVT, in her article about Responsible Dog Ownership says,“Because of their survival instincts, dogs are not as likely to show pain or illness as humans,” and so you may not know your dog is experiencing pain while playing or chewing. Below are four reasons why you might want to consider not letting your dog use or play with a lacrosse ball.

4 Reasons Why Lacrosse Balls Are Not Safe For Dogs

  1. You shouldn't let you dog chew on lacrosse balls because the hardness of the ball can hurt your dog's teeth and jaw.
  2. Lacrosse balls are much harder than tennis balls and can cause damage to your dogs teeth; off a bad bounce.
  3. While lacrosse balls look “big” we have seen some reports where dogs accidentally swallowed a lacrosse ball, other pet experts even advise against it and recommend using a ball tied to a rope.
  4. Some lacrosse brands use polyurethane which can include toxic materials that are poisonous to dogs if consumed.



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