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Signature Quarantine Kits Keep Lacrosse Players Practicing at Home
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Signature Quarantine Kits Keep Lacrosse Players Practicing at Home

At Signature Lacrosse, we understand that the COVID-19 virus has affected the lives of so many athletes from a health and economic standpoint. We are thinking of and praying for all of those dealing with these circumstances, and it’s our intention to let the lacrosse community know that we are standing with them and willing to play whatever role we can to help others.We are taking measures to protect ourselves and empower the lacrosse community to practice safe social distancing with the advanced release of our Signature Premium Soft Indoor Lacrosse Ball and the creation of our Signature Lacrosse Quarantine Kit.

During the present COVID-19 situation that is unfolding and affecting our world differently every day, most lacrosse leagues and games have been suspended across the world to prevent the spread of the virus. To help promote social distancing, lacrosse practice at home, and to further our mission of making the sport more accessible, Signature Lacrosse is offering a Quarantine Kit deal that can help you keep your lacrosse skills sharp at home. This offer is for a limited time and can be used on any Signature Lacrosse products so that you’re fully stocked with the best lacrosse equipment available.

Save on All Signature Lacrosse Products and Build Your Quarantine Kit

What’s the best combination for a Signature Lacrosse Quarantine Kit? It’s up to you, and the customer is always right! Signature is offering a limited-time deal of $10 off of orders of $100 with code #PLAYERPACK or more, and $50 off of orders of $400 or more with code #PROPACK to help reduce the cost for all lacrosse players unable to travel to a store during their quarantine. This deal can also be used on all Signature Lacrosse products so you can build your own Signature Lacrosse Quarantine Kit of whatever you need to practice lacrosse at home.

Social Distancing, Signature Lacrosse, & You

Due to the highly contagious nature of COVID-19, it is unsafe to be playing or practicing lacrosse with other people and risking possible infection through the close contact involved with the sport. To slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect the general public, lacrosse has effectively been suspended in all leagues across the world. Schools and leagues alike have closed down and are requiring athletes to stay home in a quarantine so that they can reduce the likelihood of infection through flattening the curve to save more people. Any contact with the general public, public spaces, or high traffic areas, should be followed up by decontamination via washing hands and sterilizing clothes.

Signature Lacrosse is committed to protecting the public and standing by our partner leagues during this uncertain time, even though we are saddened by the suspension of competitive lacrosse. While playing lacrosse may be the most fun possible on Earth, the safety and health of athletes, coaches, fans, and their families are far more important than any athletic game or season. So staying indoors and reducing your contact with others by maintaining social distancing is crucial as healthcare professionals work to prevent further harm and infection.

Unfortunately, with lacrosse suspended, this means most lacrosse players will not be able to play any lacrosse for several weeks, or even months, as this situation unfolds. Lacrosse, being a team sport, will not be able to be played with proper social distancing; but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t “play” any lacrosse. Practicing lacrosse at home and keeping yourself safe with proper social distancing can be done anywhere thanks to Signature Premium Soft Lacrosse Balls. And the savings from our Quarantine Kit deal can help your build the perfect combination with either the #PLAYERPACK $100 deal or the #PROPACK $400 deal.

Signature Lacrosse Quarantine Kit Team Picks

The Signature Lacrosse team is practicing proper social distancing by staying at home, but that’s not going to stop any of us from enjoying lacrosse safely. It’s important to reduce contact with the outside world as much as possible and keep limit trips outside of the home as much as possible. So the Signature Lacrosse team is staying home with our own custom Signature Lacrosse Quarantine Kits and putting them to use every day to make sure we’re ready to take the field the first day that it’s safe to get back out there.









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