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For the first time, wholesale prices without a contract! Stock up for your program or camp, buy online and ship to your home. The Signature Premium NOCSAE® NFHS NCAA Lacrosse Ball – your top choice for wholesale bulk lacrosse balls. Our SEI Certified ball not only meets the rigorous NOCSAE® Standards but also adheres to the NFHS Authenticating Mark Standards, making it the go-to choice for youth, high school, and NCAA level play.

Why choose the Signature Premium?

Proven Performance: As the #1 lacrosse ball in college and professional lacrosse, our ball stands due to our proprietary rubber formula and extensive testing. Our goal is simple – to provide unmatched consistency and durability, ensuring it stays on the field longer, maximizing every rep.

Enhanced Grip with TOUGH GRIP™ Technology: Our revolutionary rubber formula with TOUGH GRIP™ technology offers an exceptional feel and superior control rep after rep. Experience an enhanced grip that elevates your game.

Guaranteed Longevity: Signature Premiums are built to last. With zero-defect industry-leading manufacturing standards, our lacrosse balls outlast normal ones twice over under any conditions and on any surface.

Universally Trusted: Join the ranks of NCAA Lacrosse players, the NLL, and the 2018 FIL World Championships by choosing the SIGNATURE PREMIUM. It's the universally trusted ball for top-tier gameplay.

Certified for All Levels: Our lacrosse ball has the necessary certifications for College, High School, and Youth gameplay in the US, ensuring you can play with confidence at any level.

Elevate your game with the Signature Premium – where quality, performance, and trust meet. Order in bulk today for an unbeatable lacrosse experience!

Ball Guide

NOCSAE and SEI-certified for youth, NFHS, and NCAA play; built with our Tough Grip technology this ball is great for daily use, practice, and official game situations.


NOCSAE ® NFHS and NCAA approved. Recommended for sanctioned game use.


Signature Lacrosse is the official equipment provider of thousands of lacrosse leagues around the world, from youth to professional leagues. If you are a coach or program director in need of bulk Lacrosse Balls, visit our Bulk Lacrosse Balls page for hassle-free ordering.

The #1 ball in lacrosse

Elevate your game with the most trusted ball in lacrosse. Experience a higher quality lacrosse ball with more feel, grip and durability with Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls.


Featuring TOUGH GRIP™ Technology, our revolutionary rubber formula creates a better feel and gives you more control rep after rep.


With our zero-defect industry-leading manufacturing standards, Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls last twice as long as normal lacrosse balls under any conditions, on any surface.


Signature Lacrosse manufactures the #1 ball in NCAA Lacrosse, The Official Ball of the NLL, and The Official Ball of the 2018 FIL World Championships.

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