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Pro S1 | Case of 120 Pro S1 Lacrosse Balls | Hyper Yellow

Pro S1 | Case of 120 Pro S1 Lacrosse Balls | Hyper Yellow

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Easier to see, harder to stop, and designed to perform like never before. Trusted and developed with the NLL, MLL, WPLL, & their world-class athletes, this is the future of the lacrosse ball.

  • More control. Aerodynamic engineering means you shoot faster and can pick corners like never before.
  • Safer. Designed with new compression standards, less force on impact keeps your team safe.
  • Better visibility. The all-new Hyper Yellow color is easy to track, both on your field and the big screen.
Comes with 120 Pro S1 Hyper Yellow Lacrosse Balls!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Melissa Caito

We ordered a box of lacrosse balls for Christmas came quickly very happy with our experience!

Robert R

Great deal for a case of Premium balls. The follow up from Brian reminded me to return and take advantage of another great deal on a replacement net.

Justin Hinote

I buy Signature sports equipment if I want the best quality option.

William Campbell

I bought Signature bulk balls a few years ago. I am excited to try out the new premium formula.