Coastal Rays Lacrosse Joins Signature Partner Program

Every day is sunny when you know that the Coastal Rays Lacrosse Club is now a part of the Signature Partner Program. This budding new lacrosse program from Wilmington, North Carolina just got their start to help give local women’s lacrosse players an opportunity to continue to play lacrosse after their school seasons were cancelled. The Coastal Rays Lacrosse Club is committed to providing a safe and fun environment for girl’s lacrosse players to learn and develop.

Nothing is going to stop the Coastal Rays lacrosse players from having a great time and learning about the game of lacrosse, and their inspiring staff makes all of that possible. To help alleviate some of the time needed to run a successful lacrosse program for middle school and high school girl’s lacrosse players, the Coastal Rays Lacrosse Club has joined the Signature Partner Program and opened their very own custom lacrosse apparel and uniform store. Now all of their players, parents, coaches, and fans can show off their pride for the Coastal Rays and support the club at the same time with cash back from every order.

Coastal Rays Lacrosse Custom Team Apparel Store

After only a year on the books, the Coastal Rays still have a lot to learn about running a lacrosse club together, but they’ve made massive strides in their short history. A group of dedicated parents - Tracie Brisson, Janet Cronemiller, Sheryl Eamma, Gerald Eldridge and Chris Smith, helped form the Coastal Rays Lacrosse Club in time for the girls to get to safely play lacrosse at some point during 2020 without worry of harm. And to help these parents, the directors, and the coaches with the usually humdrum process of getting their custom team uniforms and apparel, the Coastal Rays joined the Signature Partner Program and opened their very own custom lacrosse team store.

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Now open for business and running 24/7/365, the Coastal Rays Lacrosse custom lacrosse apparel store can get you everything you need to have an amazing next season with the rays and show how much you appreciate their staff.

Coastal Rays Lacrosse Custom Lacrosse Uniforms & Apparel

Stocked with the Coastal Rays full uniform and more, the Coastal Rays Lacrosse custom team store really has it all. You’ll find exclusive lacrosse apparel made just for the Coastal Rays, and everything in the store can be sent directly to you to avoid unnecessary hand-out days and month-long waiting. Plus, each and every order you make at the Coastal Rays lacrosse team store sends cash back to the club to help reduce cost for the players and parents enjoying the club.

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It’s always a win-win with the Signature Partner Program, and that’s why the directors and coaches of the Coastal Rays decided to join and get their very own custom lacrosse store. We’re so very thankful to be working with an emerging girl’s lacrosse program that we know is destined for great things. So, here’s to the Coastal Rays Lacrosse Club and our BRIGHT future together!.