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Daily Lacrosse Wall Ball Routine to Become a Expert Lacrosse Ball Handler
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Daily Lacrosse Wall Ball Routine to Become a Expert Lacrosse Ball Handler

Lacrosse Wall Ball Routine

One of the best ways to work on your lacrosse ball-handling is to start playing wall ball every day. Playing lacrosse wall ball helps you work on your passing, catching, and cradling all at once. If you're lucky enough to have a wall ball spot near you with a lacrosse goal, then you can even work on your shooting too. Working on the four fundamentals of lacrosse ball handling and dedicating 20 minutes a day for your lacrosse wall ball routine will guarantee that you're an asset on the field this Spring lacrosse season.

5 Lacrosse Wall Ball drills in under 20 minutes

Lacrosse wall ball drills are designed to improve your wrist and arm strength while also developing confidence and skill in handling the lacrosse ball. Another benefit of playing lacrosse wall ball is the ability to develop one's game by becoming more fluid with the lacrosse ball and always knowing where it is going on the field.

50 Passes Switching Hands Between Each Pass

Make sure to split dodge in between each pass when switching hands for extra training during your reps. Here, we’re focusing on switching our hands often to become more comfortable with our stick in both hands. While it is easy just to switch hands and not put any effort into it, practicing a split dodge when you’re playing wall ball better prepares you for game situations. Approach each switch of the hands as if there was a defender in front of you and you’re being forced to dodge. Adding this extra aspect to this part of the wall ball routine really helps out in the long run and turns good lacrosse players into great lacrosse players.

30 Quick Sticks with Each Hand

Quick sticks are when you catch a lacrosse ball and then immediately pass the lacrosse ball without cradling it in your stick. The idea is to only have the ball in your lacrosse pocket for an instant, and then to pass it just as quickly as you caught it. For most lacrosse players, it’s easier to quick stick with a “choked up” grip on the lacrosse stick because it allows you to really get your wrists into it. Quick sticks improve wrist strength tremendously and are perfect for attackmen looking to score on the doorstep.

15 One-Handed Passes with Each Hand

One-handed passes work on developing arm strength, wrist strength, focus, and coordination. You’ll want to only use your top hand and place it where you normally would, or a bit higher up, when passing with two hands. It may be scary at first for new lacrosse players, but passing and catching the lacrosse ball one-handed makes lacrosse players isolate muscles used in throwing. This helps increase your strength and improve muscle memory for getting perfect two-handed passes. Take your time when doing one-handed passes and catches; there’s no rush during this part, and less experienced players can catch with both hands if they aren’t getting the hang of it at first.

15 Behind the Back Passes with Each hand

While your coach might advise against using behind the back passes during practice, you shouldn't ignore it in your wall ball routine. There are many reasons why practicing BTB passes will help your game, and working on all kinds of passes and catches will only improve your chances of pulling them off during competition. Working on behind the back passes can also make your back more flexible, improve your stick work, and strengthen your back muscles.

Ball ‘till You Fall; Don’t Stop Until You Drop

Finally, wrap up every daily wall ball session with a test to see how many consecutive passes you can get with each hand without dropping the ball. Your arms should be tired going into the last drill, and if they are not, you should increase the number of reps per drill during your next session. Ending each wall ball session with this challenge will leave you with a goal and benchmark to break during your next wall ball session. Over time, players should have fun with their wall ball sessions and want to beat their score each time to achieve a personal best.

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