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Lacrosse Ball Massage
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Lacrosse Ball Massage

Massage balls come in many different forms but we have found lacrosse balls to be the best type of ball to relieve myofascial trigger points.

Why Lacrosse Balls are the Perfect Tool For Massage

lacrosse ball massage

Lacrosse balls are the superior ball for self-massage and myofascial trigger point release. Here's why:

  • The hardness of lacrosse balls allows you to target hard to get to areas that are deep in the muscle. Other tools like foam rollers target larger areas making those deep muscle knots hard to get to.
  • Over time tennis balls collapse due to lost air and become a less effective tool in releasing pain.
  • Lacrosse Balls last longer, they don't soften, and they're a better value all together!
  • Compared to spiky massage balls which can cause pain, discomfort, and damage to your muscles; lacrosse balls are smooth yet firm.
  • Lacrosse Balls are also the perfect tool to use between massage or cupping sessions and help maximize your muscle recovery.

What are Myofascial Pains and Trigger Points?

Myofascial trigger points are sensitive areas of tight muscle fibers that form in your muscles. These trigger points occur due to physical activity and even physical inactivity. Muscle Knots tend to be tender to the touch and decrease one's mobility over time if not treated. Common causes of trigger point pain include; poor posture, text neck, irritated fascia, ext.

Rate Your Personal Pain Level

Have you ever been to the doctors and asked to rate your pain on the Likert Scale of Pain? When evaluating if lacrosse balls are the right tool for relieving your trigger point, rate your discomfort on a scale from 1-10. If your pain rating is below a 7 on the Likert Pain Scale; then lacrosse balls can be a effective tool to help relieve and reduce trigger point pain. If your pain is above a 7 on the Likert Pain Scale, you should consult a professional before attempting a lacrosse ball massage!

Trigger Point Location

What are Myofascial Pains and Trigger Points?

How to use a lacrosse ball for massage in 3 easy steps

If you're suffering from myofascial pain or trigger point pain, think of your muscle as having a cold. When a trigger point forms, your muscle contracts and can cut off blood circulation in that area. Like a cold where you nurture your immune system back up, your muscle needs a little attention. Neglecting your pain overtime will only turn a simple fix into a persistent problem. After you find the location of your trigger point pain, grab a lacrosse ball.

calve lacrosse ball massage

  1. Depending on the location of your pain, place the lacrosse ball on the floor, against the wall, or press it against your skin using your hand.
  2. Press your trigger point or muscle knot against the lacrosse ball and rock the lacrosse ball back and forth. If at any point in this process your pain becomes worse, stop and take a break.
  3. If your pain starts to subside, start to press or work the lacrosse ball into your muscle knot with a bit more pressure.

Best Lacrosse Balls For Massage

    • 2-Pack Lacrosse Balls - Get two lacrosse balls for massage with free shipping for $8.99! Multiple Color Lacrosse Balls Available.
    • 12-Pack Lacrosse Balls - Get twelve lacrosse balls for massage with free shipping for $28.99! Multiple Color Lacrosse Balls Available.



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