A Giant Leap: Signature Lacrosse Announces First Lifetime Warranty for Lacrosse Sticks

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The greatest innovations in mankind’s history have shaped the way we live and have sent ripples through our existence that are still felt to this day. Moments like the discovery of fire, the first transatlantic flight, setting foot on the moon, and the first all you can eat buffet are just a few shining examples of the greatness bestowed on the world by some of the brightest minds of their generations. And now, Signature Lacrosse continues on the proud lineage of modern miracles by taking a stand in the name of quality and offering the first-lifetime warranty for lacrosse sticks.

That’s correct; Signature Lacrosse is providing a lifetime warranty for all complete lacrosse sticks and giving every client a lacrosse stick for life. Breaking your favorite lacrosse stick is one of the worst things that can happen to a lacrosse player

Earning Trust One Lacrosse Stick at A Time

How do you show the lacrosse community that you trust your products more than anything? A lifetime warranty is a good start; and that’s exactly what we’re doing at Signature Lacrosse. From now on, The Player (Signature’s Premium Mens Complete Stick) and The Origin (Signature’s Premium Women's Complete Stick) from Signature Lacrosse will both come with a lifetime warranty for the head and shaft of the complete lacrosse sticks. This means that when you buy a Signature Lacrosse stick, you’re buying that lacrosse stick for life. Signature Lacrosse is fully committed to making sure our clients get as much out of lacrosse as we do, and a lifetime warranty is how we want to show how dedicated we are to that promise. Lacrosse sticks shouldn’t be expensive enough to deter players from buying or weak enough to make players worried about using them. So we set out to solve that problem through the commitment of our lifetime warranty and the unmatched quality of the technology used in our complete lacrosse sticks.

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The technology and innovation used in The Player and The Origin make them strong enough to withstand the fiercest competition and trustworthy enough to last a lifetime. So, we at Signature Lacrosse decided that the lacrosse community deserved a lifetime warranty with our complete lacrosse stick so our clients can trust our lacrosse sticks as much as we do. Other lacrosse companies offer warranties that only last for 3, 6, or 12 months; but we’re different for a reason. Not only are our complete lacrosse sticks tough enough to survive the intense beatings lacrosse sticks take in the NLL and college lacrosse, But Signature Lacrosse is also confident enough to make the first-lifetime warranty in lacrosse because we put the time and effort into creating the best complete lacrosse sticks on the planet.

How Can Signature Lacrosse Offer A Lifetime Warranty?

It’s not wise to offer a lifetime warranty on a product that’s going to fail in the field, and that’s exactly why Signature Lacrosse is able to offer such a great warranty for The Player and The Origin. Our team of engineers that developed The Player and The Origin put in the time to create complete lacrosse sticks that can face any challenge, and the product of their work is our ability to offer this lifetime warranty.

Signature Womens Lacrosse Stick

The quality of The Player and The Origin, and the technology behind their designs, makes them stronger than other lacrosse heads and shafts on the market; and we’ve been able to put that to the test. Signature Lacrosse sticks are tested by NLL and College teams around the country in their development to make sure that your complete lacrosse stick can survive anything you might put it through. And we’re so confident that The Player and The Origin from Signature Lacrosse are resilient enough to face every obstacle in its path, that we’re willing to replace any broken Player or Origin for as long as you’re using it.

Why Is Signature Lacrosse Offering A Lifetime Warranty On Complete Lacrosse Sticks?

Signature Lacrosse is always working to revolutionize lacrosse and propel the progression of the game through lacrosse equipment, and this can only be achieved through lacrosse equipment that will last. Complete lacrosse sticks that come with a lifetime warranty will allow all lacrosse players to grow as players alongside Signature Lacrosse. Both The Origin and The Player complete lacrosse sticks come with lifetime warranties in the adult and junior version, and that means lacrosse players will be able to use Signature Lacrosse sticks throughout their whole careers. You’ll be buying your lacrosse stick for life when you buy from Signature Lacrosse, and there will be no reason to have to look for a new lacrosse stick once you realize how great you’re playing with a Signature Premium Complete Lacrosse Stick. That’s the definition of a win-win. Every complete lacrosse stick purchased can be replaced if tragedy strikes and every lacrosse player with a Signature Lacrosse stick gets to fall in love with a lacrosse stick they can use for the rest of their career.

What Makes Signature Complete Lacrosse Stick So Strong? 

There are two main reasons that The Player and The Origin complete lacrosse sticks are so strong and can withstand such intense beatings without breaking, while still being one of the lightest in the industry. First, the lacrosse heads on The Player and The Origin are both constructed with patented DELTA Tech™, a process of construction that uses triangles to increase the structural strength of lacrosse heads and use less of their proprietary plastic material. This makes Signature Lacrosse heads lighter and stronger than other lacrosse heads by an incredible margin. No matter how hard your stick is checked, your Signature Lacrosse head is going to be checking back instead of breaking. How do we know? Our quality control process for every batch we produce includes hitting our sticks as hard as we can against a wall 50 times. If any of the complete lacrosse sticks break during the “wall test,” we ditch the batch and start over. We’re not going to let any inferior lacrosse sticks hit the market on our watch, and we’re confident in how every single one will stand up during competition. 

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The other reason that Signature Lacrosse sticks are so strong is because of the 7001 aluminum used in the construction of the lacrosse shafts for The Player and The Origin. Aluminum grades vary, but 7001 is one of the highest available for the production of lacrosse shafts and spaceships alike. 7001 aluminum is considered an aerospace-grade level of aluminum used in the construction of airplanes and other technology because it has such incredible strength to weight ratio that can keep a lacrosse shaft from breaking while still being incredibly light. It’s easy to make a strong lacrosse shaft that’s heavy and clunky, but Signature Lacrosse shafts are light as a puff pastry while still strong like a peach pit. Signature Lacrosse shafts pair a lightweight frame with unbelievably strong construction. This makes Signature Lacrosse shafts ideal for defense, offense, and making the most out of every lacrosse practice, play, and game.

Learn More About the First Lifetime Warranty in Lacrosse

If you’re a player, coach, or just someone who’s curious to learn more about Signature Lacrosse and our history-making lifetime warranty on complete lacrosse sticks, check out our warranty registration or warranty claim.

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  • Signature Lacrosse

    @Susan Batchilder – Our lifetime warranty absolutely covers box lacrosse players, and there are several Signature Lacrosse pros currently in the NLL who use the Signature Complete during their games.

  • Susan Batchilder

    Will this lifetime warranty Signature complete stick be appropriate for the box lax player? I have one player that plays more than 40 games a season when most play 14 games. And plays in the off season too. And this is a faceoff player, offensive and defensive. So the stick is used in all box situations that a player may face. Luckily the player plays net for field and used a goalie stick. This is a young player committed to playing and as a parent having a lifetime warranty complete stick sounds awesome as this player has gone thru many heads and shafts (including a wooden shaft).

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