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DELTA TECH™: The Signature Secret of the Contract and Origin
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DELTA TECH™: The Signature Secret of the Contract and Origin

Signature contract delta tech

Giving the first-lifetime warranty in lacrosse to our customers is both a guarantee to our customers that Signature Lacrosse stands by its products and a statement about the expertise of our team of engineers and developers at Signature Lacrosse. It takes dedication and creativity to accomplish daring goals, and bringing the first-lifetime warranty in lacrosse to our customers was a tall order. But Signature Lacrosse is not a group of quitters, we are a team of innovators; and any problem faced is a challenge to be conquered. Our team dedicated several months to perfect the innovation of DELTA TECH™, the Signature Secret.


Delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet and is represented as the symbol Δ, although it equates to the number four in Grecian math. While this is important, Delta also is known as the “change” in circumstances or equations in modern math. And Signature Lacrosse is here to bring about change with DELTA TECH™ in all of our lacrosse heads.

signature origin lacrosse head delta tech

DELTA TECH™ is a method and practice of construction and development patented by Signature Lacrosse for use in lacrosse heads the Signature Contract and Signature Origin. Our team drew a lot of inspiration from the greatest builders and engineers to ever construct marvels of innovation in history, and we found that less can often be more. DELTA TECH™ uses the strongest shape known to man, the triangle, to incorporate more resilience than ever seen before. The use of triangles, in combination with our incredible development of a “secret sauce” of materials used in the construction of our lacrosse heads, makes for a lighter lacrosse head that still retains stiffness after use without cracking.

How Did Signature Lacrosse Create DELTA TECH™?

Our talented team of engineers and developers created DELTA TECH™ by bringing multiple theories of construction together for the best lacrosse heads the world has ever known. Aside from how triangles reduce strain and distribute weight to increase strength, our DELTA TECH™ features concepts used in the construction of bridges and underwater structures to remain strong for a lifetime. The Origin and The Contract lacrosse head both have structural similarities to the I-Beam, but used in the shape of a triangle with extremely stiff and stable materials.

The credit is all due to the innovative and creative minds of our team here and Signature Lacrosse, and the abilities of our team truly know no bounds. DELTA TECH™ is a groundbreaking development in the lacrosse world that allows us to offer a lifetime warranty on all complete lacrosse sticks with The Origin and The Player But don’t expect this to be a flash in the pan from Signature Lacrosse; our developers are no one-trick ponies. DELTA TECH™ is just the beginning of the developments and advancements coming from Signature Lacrosse. The only way to achieve our mission of “revolutionizing the landscape of lacrosse by dynamically propelling the progression of the equipment, the athletes, and the experience of the sport” is to continue to revolutionize and create. That’s how Signature Lacrosse continues to be BY THE PLAYERS, FOR THE PLAYERS.


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