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The Signature Complete Universal Men’s Lacrosse Stick
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The Signature Complete Universal Men’s Lacrosse Stick

the player lacrosse stick

Complete Lacrosse Sticks That Are The Complete Package

Signature Lacrosse has changed the Complete Lacrosse Stick game with their universal men’s lacrosse stick that brings incredible value to lacrosse players of all ages. This set up pairs the Signature Contract Lacrosse Head and Player lacrosse shaft to create a match made in scoring heaven. With an incredibly balanced feel, the combination of the Contract and Player the perfect choice for any lacrosse player hoping to get a ready-to-use lacrosse stick that won’t disappoint.

The Signature Standard

sinature complete lacrosse stick

When you purchase a Signature Complete Universal Men’s Lacrosse Stick you receive a Signature Contract lacrosse head, a Signature Lacrosse Player lacrosse shaft, a Pro Strung pocket of Signature Magik Lacrosse Mesh, and two SL butt end of different heights. All of this comes with a 12-month replacement guarantee from Signature Lacrosse, making the Signature Complete Universal men’s lacrosse stick the most reliable complete lacrosse stick on the market.

Signature Lacrosse Contract: Strength in Simplicity

Lacrosse players looking for effectiveness need to look no further than the Signature Contract Lacrosse Head. Using Signature patented DELTA TECH, the Contract makes the most of every ounce and inch by incorporating triangles in the lacrosse head to reduce weight while improving strength. This practice of using triangles is a well-documented feature of architecture and construction that Signature has brought into lacrosse heads for the better of the sport and the players alike.

signature contract lacrosse head

Along with the impressive strength of the Signature Contract, lacrosse players will find plenty of other advantages and features included to make playing lacrosse easier for them. These aspects of the Signature Contract are always intended to help lacrosse players get the most out of their lacrosse stick and have fun while doing it. You can learn about all the benefits and attributes of the Signature Lacrosse Contract HERE to see why it’s really a “swiss army knife” of lacrosse heads.

The Player Lacrosse Shaft: A Smooth Transition

Lacrosse shafts need to be light enough for lacrosse players to dodge with and strong enough to not become scrap metal before the next lacrosse season. The Signature Player lacrosse shaft reliably delivers a strong performance on every outing and is designed to compete at the highest levels of lacrosse.

the player lacrosse stick

With a subtle sanding grip on the Player Lacrosse Shaft, lacrosse players will notice how precise dodging and shooting movements can be when using the Signature Complete Universal men’s lacrosse stick. Every inch of the Aerospace Grade 7001 Aluminum Player lacrosse shaft is designed for the advantage of the lacrosse player, and the grip is just a bonus for those who don’t want to tape their lacrosse shaft. The real advantage of choosing to buy your complete lacrosse stick from Signature Lacrosse is that the Player lacrosse shaft is light enough for new players but strong enough to be used by NLL pros during games. This duality of strength and agileness in the PLayer lacrosse shaft makes the Signature Complete Universal men’s lacrosse stick the ideal choice for lacrosse players of all levels looking for an affordable complete lacrosse stick.

Pro Strung Lacrosse Pockets for Progress

Each Complete Lacrosse Stick from Signature Lacrosse comes with a Pro Strung pocket of Signature Magik Mesh that was strung for ultimate hold and consistency. Our Pro Strung pockets have been tested by pros and college players to find what works best for players and the highest levels of lacrosse, but we made sure that our Pro Strung pockets would be loved by the newest lacrosse players too. The easy and smooth release of the Signature Pro Strung pocket makes it a huge plus for young lacrosse players learning the fundamentals, while more experienced players love the extremely dialed in shooting and passing.

signature contract lacrosse pocket

Thanks to Magik Mesh, the Signature Pro Strung pockets are consistent and can withstand in climate weather to help lacrosse players get on the field no matter what it looks like outside. By packing more fibers into each square millimeter of Magik Lacrosse Mesh with TIGHT WEAVE technology, Magik Mesh has an improved feel of the ball that lets lacrosse players know exactly when they are releasing the ball. This improves the consistency of play from experienced players, and new lacrosse players can easily learn proper form when using any Signature Complete Lacrosse Stick.

Butt Ends that End Up Helping You

Signature Lacrosse knows two things for sure: lacrosse players all have personal preferences about their Lacrosse Stick that makes them different, and lacrosse players waste a ton of tape making butt ends on their lacrosse sticks. To help players make their own decisions, improve the grip on their lacrosse stick, and save some tape for their sake and the sake of the environment, Signature Lacrosse includes two SL butt ends of different heights that can be interchanged depending on the preference of the lacrosse player.

signature buttend

The high butt end allows lacrosse players to bring the bottom hand higher up on their Lacrosse Stick with a “false” edge that helps for dodging and evasiveness.

the playerbuttend

The low butt end allows lacrosse players to get a grip on every inch of the Player Lacrosse Shaft and fully use the length for increased torque on their shots and passes.

Learn More About Signature's Lifetime Warranty

If you’re a player, coach, or just someone who’s curious to learn more about Signature Lacrosse and our history-making lifetime warranty on complete lacrosse sticks, check out our warranty registration or warranty claim.

For the Players. By the Players.


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