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Signature Partners With Canadian Lacrosse League to Become Official Lacrosse Ball
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Signature Partners With Canadian Lacrosse League to Become Official Lacrosse Ball

Signature Lacrosse Partners With Canadian Lacrosse League to Become Official Lacrosse Ball

Earlier this month, Signature Lacrosse and the Canadian Lacrosse League announced that they will be partnering together for the betterment of lacrosse and advancement of the sport. Signature Lacrosse is known for pushing the development of lacrosse equipment and gear, and the Canadian Lacrosse League chose Signature Lacrosse to be the official lacrosse ball for the 2020 season for just that reason. Using Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls in the CLL, an indoor lacrosse league for youth players in Canada, will add to the efforts Signature Lacrosse is making to improve box lacrosse and make the sport as accessible as possible.

Both sides of this partnership are looking forward to an excellent season of lacrosse that’s sure to help Signature Lacrosse and the CLL give some of the best box lacrosse talent in Canada a safe and fun experience with box lacrosse.

CEO, Founder, and President of the Canadian Lacrosse League, Chris Fox, spoke of the value of the relationship with Signature Lacrosse when he noted,

“In creating a new league, finding endemic partners that share our vision for the sport of lacrosse, specifically box lacrosse, is paramount. Our partnership with Signature Lacrosse adds to our strong foundation that we are building; a vibrant business and major junior lacrosse league across Canada. We are excited to work with Signature and contribute to their growing success.”

This partnership of Signature Lacrosse and the CLL will allow players looking to enhance and refine their lacrosse skills through an elite indoor experience do just that while using the best balls in lacrosse.

Signature Lacrosse was founded to make the game and premium equipment more accessible for lacrosse players of all ages, and this new partnership with the CLL now enables the participating junior indoor lacrosse players of Canada to focus on their skills and get the most out of every rep, practice, and lacrosse game this season. These lacrosse players will now be using Signature Premium lacrosse balls, the official lacrosse ball of the NLL, which is convenient for the CLL because it operates with the same rules of play as the NLL.

Founder and CEO of Signature Lacrosse Dan Soviero is excited about the partnership with the CLL and the development of the future of box lacrosse. Soviero was thrilled to say,

“We are excited to work alongside the CLL in propelling the sport of box lacrosse and impacting the future of the game. The Canadian Lacrosse League shares the same vision to grow the game of lacrosse. We are excited to get started with the upcoming season.”

You can catch up on all the action of the Canadian Lacrosse League on their site where you can view live streams of games and even score tickets to an upcoming game. Don’t miss out on the 2020 CLL season, it’s sure to be the best one yet, thanks to the addition of Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls as the official lacrosse ball of the league.

About Signature Lacrosse:

Signature’s vision is simple, yet powerful, higher quality lacrosse equipment that’s made available at more accessible price points and designed for the players by the players. To give more kids the same opportunity that the Signature Lacrosse team was fortunate enough to have growing up playing lacrosse, Signature revolutionized the sport with the launch of their Premium Balls in 2014, using their proprietary natural rubber formula to create a ball that was safer, longer lasting, and far more consistent in quality than lacrosse had ever seen. Regulatory bodies quickly moved to adopt the standards set by these new balls, and Signature has expanded its product line to try and improve lacrosse equipment across the board. Signature Premiums are also the official ball of the National Lacrosse League, World Lacrosse, and used by most top collegiate teams. Signature heads, mesh, and shafts have been quickly adopted by top professionals and collegiate players, due to their use of only the highest quality materials and designs.

For more information, please contact, or visit

About the Canadian Lacrosse League:

Beginning in 2016, the CLL is a Founding Member Nation (Canada) participating in International Junior Lacrosse (IJL) and gives junior lacrosse players across Canada a chance to excel through competitive box lacrosse in a constructive environment. The creation of major junior lacrosse in Canada is due to the growth and perseverance of the CLL and the great aptitude for marketing and operations of lacrosse brought to the organization by its partners and founders. Find out more about the CLL on, or visit their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


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