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Why buy Signature Lacrosse Balls?
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Why buy Signature Lacrosse Balls?

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Lacrosse players hate greasy lacrosse balls, and Signature Lacrosse knew that making a better lacrosse ball would improve the game for more players. We designed a premium lacrosse ball with a purpose, and our lacrosse balls are made for superior performance and last twice as long as a standard lacrosse ball. At Signature Lacrosse, we are lacrosse players and we understand the problems players and coaches face on a daily basis. So we improved the manufacturing process and made a ball out of better materials to make them safer for the players, better for performance, and absolutely lethal for corners.

The Best Lacrosse Ball is the Signature Premium

Signature Premium lacrosse balls start with our longer lasting exterior we coined as TOUGH GRIP Tech™. This Signature Lacrosse exclusive and premium formula and manufacturing process is used in all of our premium lacrosse balls to keep them on fields longer and ripping twine more consistently. With a Signature Premium lacrosse balls in your lacrosse ball bucket, you avoid having greasy lacrosse balls at your practice and get more reps for your lacrosse players. More reps and more stickwork in lacrosse will improve any team, and Signature knows that playing more lacrosse with higher quality Premium lacrosse balls helps teams and players win more lacrosse games.

Lacrosse Partners: The #1 Trusted Ball In Lacrosse

Signature lacrosse balls are used by lacrosse players at the highest levels of the game all the way down to the grassroots youth programs. We pride ourselves on delivering the same exceptional quality of premium lacrosse ball to the game’s professionals that we provide to youth lacrosse teams across the world. The Signature Premium lacrosse ball was designed for the best player safety and player performance in lacrosse.

Where are Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls Used?

Supplying the best balls in lacrosse means that your lacrosse balls get played with by a lot of players. Signature Premium lacrosse balls have such a great reputation for themselves that they are found in the lacrosse sticks of the best players on the planet. When you watch lacrosse on tv, you’re often seeing Signature Premium lacrosse balls being shot into the goal.

The National Lacrosse League Uses Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls

The National Lacrosse League was founded in 1986 and is today’s largest professional lacrosse league with 13 teams. The teams in the NLL play box lacrosse, and there are teams competing from both the United States and Canada. In 2017, the NLL announced that they would use Signature Premium lacrosse balls as the Official Game Ball of The National Lacrosse League. Partnering with Signature Lacrosse, the league plans to expand box lacrosse with a shared vision for the sport of lacrosse at all levels and in all forms.

Federation of International Lacrosse

The Federation of International Lacrosse is the governing body of international lacrosse that sets up the world games for both field and indoor lacrosse. Signature Premium lacrosse balls were used in the most recent Field Lacrosse World Championship in 2018 as the official lacrosse ball of the tournament in Israel. Besides this global connection to the highest level of lacrosse, Signature Lacrosse also works with their very own Signature Foundation: a nonprofit foundation with a mission to help create sustainable lacrosse in developing international and domestic communities.

Most Used College Lacrosse Ball

Signature lacrosse is the official ball of more college lacrosse teams than all the other lacrosse ball manufacturers on the market combined. More college lacrosse teams trust Signature Premium lacrosse balls because of how much lacrosse players love them. With TOUGH GRIP Tech™ used in every Signature Premium lacrosse ball, college lacrosse programs in all environments fall in love with how well they last in all weather and how much more their players will get out of practice without breaking the budget.

Signature lacrosse balls are helping grow the sport of lacrosse every day and letting more lacrosse players get more practice in with a lacrosse ball that won’t give up on them.


Authored by: Dan Soviero

  • Former 2x HS All American
  • Former D1 Lacrosse Player at St Johns University
  • Former D2 Lacrosse Player at University of Tampa
  • Former Youth & Travel Program Director
  • Current Advisory Board Member for Multiple Programs
  • Current self proclaimed Mens League Hall of Famer
  • Current Founder/CEO of Signature Lacrosse


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