Signature Custom Lacrosse Balls - What's the deal?

Custom Lacrosse Balls From Signature Lacrosse

*Signature Lacrosse has taken a break from custom lacrosse balls at the moment and is hoping to pick up production in early 2021*

custom lax balls

Signature Custom lacrosse balls can be customized to have your lacrosse team or lacrosse club’s logo embossed on the lacrosse ball. Instead of a boring t-shirt for a prize or seasonal gift, a custom lacrosse ball from Signature Lacrosse makes a memorable memento any lacrosse player will love. You’ll also always know which lacrosse balls are yours if you get custom lacrosse balls from Signature Lacrosse.

Custom Lacrosse Ball Color Options: 

Our Signature Premium custom lacrosse balls come in the following colors to make sure you have a wide variety:

  • Custom Green Lacrosse Balls
  • Custom Yellow Lacrosse Balls
  • Custom Orange Lacrosse Balls
  • Custom White Lacrosse Balls

Having a custom lacrosse ball from Signature Lacrosse is an excellent reminder of your favorite lacrosse team or an easy way to identify all the lacrosse balls that belong to you.

How Much are Custom Lacrosse Balls?

Signature Lacrosse has three pricing for our custom lacrosse balls. Buying custom lacrosse balls in bulk from Signature lacrosse will save your team money and get you the best custom lacrosse balls on the market.

  1. $150: 25-Pack Custom Lacrosse Balls - $6 Per Lacrosse Ball
  2. $250: 50-Pack Custom Lacrosse Balls - $5 Per Lacrosse Ball
  3. $420: 120-Pack Custom Lacrosse Balls - $3.50 Per Lacrosse Ball

How to order Signature Custom Lacrosse Balls

To get started and buy custom lacrosse balls from Signature that will wow everyone with the eye-popping detail.

  1. Fill out the Form for Custom Lacrosse Balls and upload your Lacrosse Logo to
  2. Choose your lacrosse ball color and your lacrosse ball quantity.
  3. Double check your information and add your Custom Lacrosse Balls to your cart.
  4. Check Out and Receive Your Custom Lacrosse Balls in 12-15 Days.

It’s as easy as that to get the best custom lacrosse balls on the market. Signature Lacrosse stands by their custom lacrosse balls and works to bring you the very best quality with more consistent lacrosse balls that last longer and keep lacrosse players happy.

Authored by: Dan Soviero

  • Former 2x HS All American
  • Former D1 Lacrosse Player at St Johns University
  • Former D2 Lacrosse Player at University of Tampa
  • Former Youth & Travel Program Director 
  • Current Advisory Board Member for Multiple Programs
  • Current self proclaimed Mens League Hall of Famer
  • Current Founder/CEO of Signature Lacrosse



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