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How to Buy Lacrosse Balls Wisely
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How to Buy Lacrosse Balls Wisely

Buying lacrosse balls for yourself or your lacrosse team can be a difficult decision that can create a costly problem. When you buy lacrosse balls, you want to get the best lacrosse balls for your money and put your lacrosse team in the best position to win. So follow these tips to save time and money, while getting the highest quality product, the next time you buy lacrosse balls.

How You Buy Lacrosse Balls Matters

There’s always a method to the madness, and buying lacrosse balls is no different. While it may seem trivial to put much effort into purchasing your lacrosse balls, without lacrosse balls you can’t play lacrosse. The lacrosse coaches who are willing to do anything to win and want to take every competitive advantage that they can will realize that a little effort in your lacrosse ball purchase can go a long way. These lacrosse coaches know how to get the most out of their lacrosse balls and make the correct decision when buying lacrosse balls.

Buying Lacrosse Balls in Bulk

Buying lacrosse balls in bulk is the first step in helping your lacrosse team through a better budget. There are plenty of savings to take advantage of by buying lacrosse balls in bulk, but you want to buy the correct lacrosse balls. If you buy a poor performing lacrosse ball in bulk, you’ll only be stuck with an excess of lacrosse balls you and your players don’t want to use. The best thing you can do for your lacrosse team is to find a trustworthy lacrosse ball and buy as many as you can at once.

Buying more lacrosse balls at once is a win-win for you and the brand rep you are buying lacrosse balls from. A good pro tip is to ask your brand rep if you can get a discount by buying all your lacrosse balls at once; rather than two or three times a year. This will also save you some money on shipping costs because it’s normally cheaper to ship everything in one order.

Buying Premium Lacrosse Balls

Balls like the Signature Premium Lacrosse Ball last longer than inferior lacrosse balls and are more consistent over time. Trusted lacrosse balls make it easier for lacrosse coaches to decide on a lacrosse ball and build a relationship with a quality brand. Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls extend the time in between adding new balls to your “playing” supply, and help you save money over the season. The best lacrosse players and lacrosse coaches around the world trust Signature Lacrosse balls over the competition because the quality withstands rigorous play.

“I’ve used Signature’s balls and can honestly say they’re the best I’ve ever used. Tremendous grip & seems to never lose that brand new feel.-Connor Kearnan - Forward - San Diego Seals

Premium lacrosse balls from Signature Lacrosse are superior to cheap lacrosse balls that lose their grip or harden and crack. Every lacrosse player on your team will instantly see the difference between Signature Premium lacrosse balls and the old lacrosse balls you used to use. You won’t have to worry about your balls going bad with Signature premium lacrosse balls; you’ll just want to keep a good supply of those fresh premium lacrosse balls for later in the season. WIth lacrosse balls these amazing it can be difficult to keep them from wandering into players' bags after practice.

Rotate Your Lacrosse Balls Often

Every lacrosse game should be played with brand new lacrosse balls, and each home game will introduce at least 12 fresh lacrosse balls into your supply once the game is over. Besides on home game days, lacrosse coaches should sprinkle new balls into the supply every so often to keep the supply up. This will help replace the balls that are lost due to bad shots and passes, while also increasing the average quality of the balls in your supply. Keep repeating this process when needed over the season and you’ll realize you’re actually using less balls than you expected.Get exclusive access to bulk discounts on Premium Lacrosse Balls & Learn more about Premium Lacrosse Balls and their performance/safety benefits.

Authored by: Dan Soviero

  • Former 2x HS All American
  • Former D1 Lacrosse Player at St Johns University
  • Former D2 Lacrosse Player at University of Tampa
  • Former Youth & Travel Program Director
  • Current Advisory Board Member for Multiple Programs
  • Current self proclaimed Mens League Hall of Famer
  • Current Founder/CEO of Signature Lacrosse


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