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Do Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls Last Longer?
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Do Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls Last Longer?

Lacrosse balls that lose their grip and become greasers are ticking timebombs; you can throw the worst pass of your life at any moment without warning. Signature Lacrosse set out to fix that problem by creating a lacrosse ball that lasts twice as long and performs better. Now, lacrosse teams and lacrosse players can get their hands and sticks on premium lacrosse balls from Signature Lacrosse that are designed to provide superior performance for much longer than the competition.

Building a Better Lacrosse Ball

As a company built by lacrosse players working to make better products for lacrosse players, the team at Signature Lacrosse wants is committed to making products that solve problems in lacrosse. In order to make a lacrosse ball that was better for all lacrosse players, we identified our biggest issues with lacrosse balls and worked to solve them with Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls. Little did we know this would create an entirely new product category for Premium Lacrosse Balls.

The first step to making a lacrosse ball that lasts longer is beginning with the highest quality rubber that is specially formulated to make a more consistent, longer lasting, and higher-performing ball. We began working on the formula with a team of rubber chemists, who are much smarter than me, but later realized that just improving the formula wasn’t enough. The innovation that we found was that we needed to also improve the actual manufacturing process!

TOUGH GRIP Tech™ Takes It to The Next Level

This is how we came up with TOUGH GRIP Tech™. Our key feature TOUGH GRIP Tech™ is a combination of our higher-quality formula and improved manufacturing process that makes all the difference when passing or shooting our premium lacrosse balls. The longer lasting grip that helps your shots hit the corner instead of cars in the parking lot is all thanks to TOUGH GRIP TECH™.

We have a ton of pride in the Signature Premium lacrosse balls, and this is because we know our lacrosse balls play a huge role in the lives of lacrosse players, coaches, and fans. Lacrosse balls that perform better and more consistently incentivize lacrosse players to play more lacrosse.

As lacrosse players, we all know the feeling of picking up a fresh ball at practice or in a game, it makes a massive difference. Lacrosse players can tell the difference between a Signature Premium lacrosse ball and inferior lacrosse balls as soon as they pick them up. But at the end of the day, why do we take so much pride in a rubber ball? The answer is simple: we are committed to constantly improving and making the sport more accessible. We will do everything in our power to constantly push the sport of lacrosse forward!

The Signature Difference

Nothing motivates us to keep excelling in creating better lacrosse products than assurances that we’re helping bring a better opportunity to experience lacrosse to more people. Hearing from our clients and learning that we’re making a difference in their lacrosse experience makes all the work that goes into our Premium Lacrosse Balls all the more worth it.

We recently heard from Allan, a lacrosse coach from New Jersey who now helps his son’s youth lacrosse program in Florida, about how Signature Lacrosse has made that difference for them. Allan’s lacrosse experience was him being warmly accepted by his son’s youth lacrosse program after moving to Florida, and his son’s lacrosse team exclusively used Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls. It didn’t take long for Alan’s son to let him know how much he loved the “grip” on Signature Premium lacrosse balls that was the difference in making his shot faster and his lacrosse practices better.

Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls Withstand the Weather

Once Allan’s son became such a fan of Signature lacrosse balls, they got some for their own house so they could practice in their backyard. And nothing’s better than some backyard lax with your Dad; but, nothing’s worse than losing some of your favorite lacrosse balls in your neighbor’s yard. Losing some lacrosse balls when you’re working on your game can be the price of admission, and Allan’s son had a few balls fall prey to some overgrown grass fed by the Florida rain.

Then, one day after a mowing service came to address the issue of an unkempt lawn in the empty home next door, Allan found five lacrosse balls that were all half-sunk into the ground. The lacrosse balls had all been subject to the elements for at least four months, and the condition of the yard was atrocious with grass over three feet tall.

Now, what made Allan’s discovery so noteworthy was that three of the lacrosse balls seemed like they weren’t even in bad condition. In fact, Allan thought the balls looked fairly new and had to take a picture just so he could share the story with us! Allan took that picture because those three balls that were in such better shape than the others were all Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls.

The Best Lacrosse Ball Forward!

Allan took it upon himself to share this story with me, and I’m extremely grateful to have let our product do the talking for us. Our mission is to REVOLUTIONIZE lacrosse through the equipment, athletes, and experience of playing the sport; and longer lasting Premium Lacrosse balls help make that a reality. Allan and his son are just two Signature Lacrosse clients, but the effect our lacrosse balls have on their experience with the game of lacrosse and their story is what keeps us going at Signature Lacrosse every day.

I appreciate Allan being a thoughtful and dedicated lacrosse coach and thank him for being a Signature Lacrosse customer willing to share his story with me, but his son getting the chance to put in some more reps with Signature Lacrosse balls and enjoy more lacrosse is the part I really care about. Playing lacrosse has been so beneficial to my life and helped me achieve so much, and I want to share that experience through Signature Lacrosse to lacrosse players like Allan’s son. Now, the real best part of the story is that when Allan asks his son if he notices a difference between the different lacrosse balls used by different lacrosse teams he plays on, he replies, “I can score with ANY lacrosse ball, but I prefer Signature!” - Allan’s awesome son.

Authored by: Dan Soviero

  • Former 2x HS All American
  • Former D1 Lacrosse Player at St Johns University
  • Former D2 Lacrosse Player at University of Tampa
  • Former Youth & Travel Program Director
  • Current Advisory Board Member for Multiple Programs
  • Current self proclaimed Mens League Hall of Famer
  • Current Founder/CEO of Signature Lacrosse


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