Youth Lacrosse Sticks At the Best Value

youth lacrosse sticks

Signature Lacrosse is working to get more youth lacrosse sticks into the hands of more youth lacrosse players by making lacrosse affordable and accessible for all. Youth lacrosse players need a lacrosse stick that will help them learn to play lacrosse and not break the bank in the process. At $49.95, the Signature Complete Junior Lacrosse Stick is the best value in youth lacrosse.

Playing youth lacrosse can be costly, but Signature Lacrosse doesn’t think it needs to be costly to get a youth lacrosse stick that is designed with the player in mind. The Signature Complete Junior Lacrosse Stick is the perfect choice for youth lacrosse players in boy’s lacrosse who want the same quality of lacrosse stick used by professional players.

Signature Complete Junior Lacrosse Stick | Boy’s 

Youth lacrosse sticks used to be smaller, cheaper, and flimsier versions of what was being sold to older players, and Signature Lacrosse realized that isn’t right. Giving a youth lacrosse player an inferior lacrosse stick only puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to learning how to play lacrosse. So Signature Lacrosse decided to give youth lacrosse players the same quality of lacrosse stick that they provide to Signature Lacrosse pros in the NLL and MLL for only $49.95.

Signature Complete Jr

Being younger or less experienced doesn’t mean you should be playing with a worse lacrosse stick, and Signature Lacrosse wants youth lacrosse players to start off with the best of the best. The Signature Complete Junior Lacrosse Stick comes with an altered version of the Signature Contract with a spacer designed to fit a smaller lacrosse shaft that’s easier for youth lacrosse players to use and handle.

Signature Contract Lacrosse Head: Built for All Players

The Signature Contract lacrosse head is a “jack-of-all-trades” lacrosse head that works well for lacrosse players on offense and defense alike. With a face shape that isn’t overly pinched or unnecessarily flared, the Signature Contract incorporates the needs of lacrosse players of all positions into one lacrosse head. The kicker is that the Signature Contract lacrosse head is advanced enough to perform at the highest levels in lacrosse but simple enough to be the youth lacrosse stick of the future.

Signature Contract lacrosse head

The simplicity of the Signature Contact comes from the strength of the triangle. Used by engineers and designers since the beginning of time, the triangle is the strongest shape of construction. Signature’s DELTΔ TECH incorporates the triangle into multiple facets of the Signature Contract to reinforce the lacrosse head’s strength. Creating a lacrosse head with multiple triangles reinforcing each other reduces the weight while improving the durability of the Signature Contract. At $49.95, the Signature Contract on the Signature Complete Junior Lacrosse Stick is the absolute best value in youth lacrosse.

Pro-Strung Youth Lacrosse Sticks

One of the biggest challenges to lacrosse players is the stringing of their lacrosse head. At Signature Lacrosse, we wanted to take that hassle out of the equation and make youth lacrosse sticks with pockets that perform. No matter the impressive quality of the Signature Contract, a poorly strung lacrosse pocket doesn’t help any youth lacrosse player. So Signature Lacrosse worked to ensure all youth lacrosse players get a pocket that’s just as good as the youth lacrosse stick it comes in.

signature lacrosse mesh

Each Signature Complete Junior Lacrosse Stick comes with a pro-strung lacrosse pocket of Signature Magik Mesh. Using Signature’s TIGHT WEAVE technology, Magik Mesh delivers a concentration of fibers that improves players’ feel of the lacrosse ball. With Signature Magik Mesh in Contract Lacrosse Heads, youth lacrosse players can get a pro-strung pocket that helps them learn how to control a lacrosse ball. A pro-strung pocket will make all the difference in a youth lacrosse stick and help improve the confidence of youth lacrosse players with every shot and pass.

Youth Lacrosse Stick Length and Lacrosse Shaft Size

The Signature Complete Junior Lacrosse Stick comes with a 28-inch lacrosse shaft made of Aerospace grade 7001 aluminum that is designed to withstand a beating just as well as it delivers one. With an ideal strength to weight ratio for youth lacrosse players and a 25% smaller circumference, youth lacrosse players are able to handle this youth lacrosse stick easily and efficiently. The Signature Complete Junior Lacrosse Stick shaft is a smaller version of the same lacrosse shaft included in the men’s version that doesn’t sacrifice durability.

Signature Lacrosse developed this lacrosse shaft, The Player, with the player in mind, and The Player doesn’t cut any corners; it stings them with shots. Thanks to the included Maximum Grip that accompanies the reduced circumference, it’s never been easier for youth lacrosse players to grip their lacrosse shaft. And thanks to the unrivaled quality of the Signature Complete Junior Lacrosse Stick, once youth lacrosse players pick it up they never want to put it down.



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