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The Signature Contract Lacrosse Head
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The Signature Contract Lacrosse Head

If you're new to lacrosse, you might not know that every lacrosse stick manufacturer focuses on different qualities when designing a lacrosse head. Just like buying a car, there are certain features that will only appeal to certain buyers. Unlike most lacrosse companies, Signature Lacrosse focused on making a lacrosse head that isn’t for a specific position or level of play. Signature Lacrosse focused on bringing lacrosse players the most value and best performance for the price with a lacrosse head that works for all lacrosse players. This is how the Signature Contract Lacrosse Head was born.

Signature Contract Universal Lacrosse Head & Magik Mesh Kit v2 Signature Lacrosse
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The Contract Lacrosse Head Solves the Youth Consistency Problem

Have you ever heard your lacrosse coach tell someone to stop changing their pocket or lacrosse stick? The one player who seems to try something different with their lacrosse stick every practice is only hurting themselves. And your lacrosse coach knows that becoming a great lacrosse player takes time and commitment that can only be achieved through consistent practice. This is why we designed a universal lacrosse head that can be used throughout the whole career of a lacrosse player.

The Signature Youth Lacrosse Stick, the Signature Complete Junior, includes a Signature Contract with a spacer that allows it to fit on a youth lacrosse shaft. When a youth lacrosse player grows out of using that youth lacrosse shaft, they can transfer their Signature Contract to an adult shaft and keep playing. Youth lacrosse players will no longer need to look for a new stick or have to replicate their favorite pocket when they grow up. Instead, all lacrosse players can worry a little less about their lacrosse stick and focus on consistent practice to develop their game.

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Find Your Perfect Lacrosse Pocket with the Contract

When designing the Contract Lacrosse Head, we knew that we had to make a lacrosse head that allowed stringers to design the perfect pocket. Unfortunately, “the perfect lacrosse pocket” is different for every lacrosse player. That means we needed to make a lacrosse head designed to give stringers and players tons of versatility and options.

contract lacrosse head signature

Without sacrificing durability or strength, the Signature Contract incorporates 6 top string holes, 25 sidewall holes, and 8 bottom string holes. For maximum flexibility when stringing your lacrosse head, we included enough stringing holes to let every lacrosse player choose exactly what they want. And actually stringing your lacrosse head is easier with the beveled sidewall holes that work with stringers instead of against them.

The Contact Has one of the Best Weight to Strength Ratio

The Signature Contract comes in weighing in at only 4.8 ounces, making it one of the lightest lacrosse heads on the market. Making this possible is our Patented Delta Technology, which utilizes and incorporates a triangle design to improve the overall strength to weight ratio. Using triangles reduces the amount of plastic used in the actual lacrosse head, but the shape of the triangle disperses the weight of the head and stress sustained through contact.

A Promise of no more Rattling Lacrosse Heads

A key feature when designing the Contract Lacrosse Head was eliminating lacrosse head rattle hated by many lacrosse players. If you're not familiar, head rattle is when a lacrosse screw becomes slightly smaller than the hole on a lacrosse shaft or loose, causing your lacrosse head to rattle when playing. The key to removing the possibility of head rattle was incorporating a three-screw design on the throat of the lacrosse head.

signature contract throat

Each Signature Contract comes with three self-tapping screws. You will notice that two of the screws are slightly shorter than the third screw. The two short screws enter on the side of the Signature Contract while the long screw should be used for the back. This prevents head rattle and ensures your Signature Contract is secure on the shaft but also keeps the screws from touching once actually screwed-in.

A Better Scoop Forward

Getting a ground ball in lacrosse can be just as important as scoring a goal, and Signature Lacrosse wants lacrosse players snagging freshies off the turf like hungry hungry hippos. To turn a brand new lacrosse player, or even an experienced one, into a ground ball machine, Signature Lacrosse retooled the scoop on the Signature Contract for the best chance at getting every loose ball.

With a protective bevel on the scoop, your top string is shielded from scraping against the ground during a ground ball. This protects your top string from abrasive wear and tear so you can stat on the lacrosse field and not have to replace your top string during a game.

The scoop on the Signature Contract also has a wide enough opening to be forgiving when you're slightly off course on getting a ground ball. When matched with the subtle flare on the Signature Contract, the scoop is ideal for snagging any ground ball at any time.

Signature Contract Universal Lacrosse Head & Magik Mesh Kit v2 Signature Lacrosse
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