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Signature Lacrosse Magik Mesh - It's Magik, You Know
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Signature Lacrosse Magik Mesh - It's Magik, You Know

A good lacrosse player never quits on their teammates, and Signature Magik Mesh won't quit on you. When you choose Signature Magik Mesh, you get a piece of lacrosse mesh that is ready for battle every day and at any time. Players won't have to worry about their mesh ripping, not holding up, or becoming too work too quickly. More fibers in less space is the name of the game, and we're playing for keeps with Magik Mesh.

Signature Magik Mesh: Achieving the Signature Standard

Sold out

Sold out

At Signature Lacrosse, we knew we needed to put a superior performance lacrosse mesh in our complete lacrosse sticks and Pro Strung Pockets to reach the Signature Standard. Magik Mesh is absolutely by the players, for the players; and Signature Lacrosse wanted to solve some of the biggest problems facing lacrosse players with our lacrosse mesh. To create a superior performance mesh that would eliminate problems like bagging out, ripping, inconsistency, and lack of stringability, we invented TIGHT WEAVE™ technology. This advancement from Signature Lacrosse helped our team develop a lacrosse mesh that's truly ready to play as long as you are.

TIGHT WEAVE™ Takes On Your Troubles

There's nothing worse than getting ready to play lacrosse and having your lacrosse mesh break. What's the point of spending your money on lacrosse mesh that's going to rip so that you have to buy more lacrosse mesh that's going to rip? We don't want players to be repeat customers for the wrong reasons, but we do bet you'll be back for some more Magik Mesh. After all, you can't string one piece of lacrosse head on two sticks at once. So for your convenience, we made Magik Mesh durable enough to last in any weather and affordable enough to go in your gamer and your back-up lacrosse sticks. TIGHT WEAVE™ makes that all possible by packing more fibers into ever millimeter of Magik Mesh.

Why Settle for Weak Lacrosse Mesh

Weak mesh that's too dainty or frail to take on repetitive competition is like gum that loses its flavor after five minutes, and then you have to spit it out. Too many players have to redo their pockets constantly because their lacrosse mesh bags out, but that's not the case with Magik Mesh. TIGHT WEAVE™ keeps lacrosse pockets where they're meant to be, and works in nicely for a maturing like a fine wine. Never doubt your pocket when you're coming to the game with some Magik Mesh.

All-Weather Mesh, All You Need

Lacrosse is a sport that is sometimes played in the rain and snow. We know that because, even though we're from Florida here at Signature Lacrosse, we play lacrosse. And lacrosse players can't risk their lacrosse mesh not working because Mother Nature decided sunny wasn't an option today. You know the drill; TIGHT WEAVE™. Yeah, it's that good!

Stringability Isn't A Word Unless You Write It Down

TIGHT WEAVE™ makes your mesh strong enough to be pulled as tight as you want your channel to be. You also get a lacrosse pocket that's not going go running off on you, so you get the pocket you string. Finally, all of the condensed fibers from TIGHT WEAVE™ helps lacrosse players get unreal hold from their lacrosse pocket, and you aren't going to have that accompanying unnecessary whip. Magik Mesh is a lacrosse mesh that makes lacrosse players happy they chose Signature Lacrosse when they're stringing it, playing with it, and getting better with it.

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