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WPLL Chooses Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls As Official Lacrosse Ball of the League
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WPLL Chooses Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls As Official Lacrosse Ball of the League

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The best women’s lacrosse players in the world deserve the best lacrosse ball in the world, Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls; and now that’s exactly what they’ll be playing with this summer. Signature Lacrosse is proud to announce a partnership with the WPLL to become the official lacrosse ball of the Women’s Professional Lacrosse League in 2020. Supplying elite women’s lacrosse players with elite lacrosse balls is the next stepping stone in Signature Lacrosse’s journey to revolutionizing the landscape of lacrosse by dynamically propelling the progression of the equipment, the athletes, and the experience of the sport.

2020 WPLL Season Will Feature the Best Women’s Lacrosse and the Best Women’s Lacrosse Ball: Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls

2020 will bring another season of exciting competition in the WPLL, but Signature Lacrosse is a new addition to the action. This season, Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls will first be seen in the WPLL as the official lacrosse ball of the league. Signature Lacrosse will be providing the high-quality, long-lasting lacrosse balls the brand is known for to the WPLL for the 2020 season, and also the following 2021 season as well. This two-year partnership between Signature Lacrosse and the WPLL follows partnerships between Signature Lacrosse and several other leagues and many colleges throughout the United States and Canada in the mission of a better lacrosse experience and better lacrosse equipment for all lacrosse players.

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The move for Signature Lacrosse to partner with the WPLL is also a move towards more expansion and development of women’s lacrosse at all levels. Both Signature Lacrosse and the WPLL are involved in a mutual interest of growth for the game of women’s lacrosse. Michele Dejulius, Founder and CEO of the WPLL, acknowledged the shared interests of the two organizations in anticipation of the deal saying, We are thrilled to name Signature Lacrosse the Official Ball of the WPLL. Signature Lacrosse and the WPLL share a common vision in supporting and platforming women in the game and the WPLL looks forward to an exciting partnership. And the women’s game is on the move again during 2020 as the WPLL will be traveling around to various cities to put the best women’s lacrosse in the world on display for fans.

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Signature Lacrosse Is Focused On the Future of Women's Lacrosse

This upcoming season of the WPLL is sure to push the standard of women’s lacrosse and Signature Lacrosse is proud to be a part of that progression in the women’s version of the fastest game on two feet. Besides the on-field speed that’s a staple of women’s lacrosse, the off-field growth of women’s lacrosse is rapidly increasing throughout the United States at all levels. Signature Lacrosse is proud to be fueling that growth of women’s lacrosse through this partnership with the WPLL and through the great partnerships with the majority of women’s lacrosse teams and programs around the country. Founder and CEO of Signature Lacrosse, Dan Soviero, noted, “Signature is proud to support the future of Women's Lacrosse! The product the WPLL has put together is exceptional, and the fan experience focused model is one that is sure to inspire the next generation of young athletes. Signature Lacrosse is looking forward to being a part of something special for the future of women’s lacrosse.” There’s never been more attention and excitement around women’s professional lacrosse than now, and Signature Lacrosse is working to help get the best premium lacrosse balls available into the sticks of as many lacrosse players as possible.

About Signature Lacrosse:

Signature’s vision is simple, yet powerful, higher quality lacrosse equipment that’s made available at more accessible price points and designed for the players by the players. To give more kids the same opportunity that the Signature Lacrosse team was fortunate enough to have growing up playing lacrosse, Signature revolutionized the sport with the launch of their Premium Balls in 2014, using their proprietary natural rubber formula to create a ball that was safer, longer lasting, and far more consistent in quality than lacrosse had ever seen. Regulatory bodies quickly moved to adopt the standards set by these new balls, and Signature has expanded its product line to try and improve lacrosse equipment across the board. Signature Premiums are also the official ball of the National Lacrosse League, World Lacrosse, and used by most top collegiate teams. Signature heads, mesh, and shafts have been quickly adopted by top professionals and collegiate players, due to their use of only the highest quality materials and designs.

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About The WPLL:

The Women’s Professional Lacrosse League is a five-team traveling league with the most talented women’s lacrosse players in the world displaying their skills across the United States. Entering its second season, the WPLL has a focus of displaying the best women’s lacrosse possible while helping growth within youth girls lacrosse nationwide. By teaching the importance of on field performance matched with off-field integrity and class, the WPLL develops the skills of athletics and life in women and girls of all ages within the game of lacrosse.

To learn more about the WPLL, or WPLL futures, please email, or visit

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