The Signature Complete Universal Women’s Lacrosse Stick

Complete women’s lacrosse sticks haven’t seen a change this drastic in a long time, and Signature Lacrosse is glad to be pushing the envelope with the Signature Complete Universal Women’s Lacrosse Stick. By rethinking the everyday problems experienced by women’s lacrosse players, Signature Lacrosse was able to create the best complete women’s lacrosse stick for any position on the lacrosse field.

Signature Lacrosse used insight from and tested their products with women’s college lacrosse players to find out exactly what works well and exactly what is holding women’s lacrosse players back. Now, the Signature Complete Universal Women’s Lacrosse Stick is set to propel the sport of women’s lacrosse forward by making a women’s lacrosse stick that can truly do it all.

Women’s Lacrosse Reimagined with the Signature Complete Universal Women’s Lacrosse Stick

Two things have been changing in women’s lacrosse for some time now: the game is getting bigger, and the game is getting faster. It’s no secret that the pace of play has picked up and been a major area of focus for the highest levels of women’s lacrosse. Signature Lacrosse knew that making a women’s lacrosse stick that wasn’t built for the future of the game would never succeed in the present, so the Signature Complete Universal Women’s Lacrosse Stick was designed to fix the problems of the past while writing a history all its own.

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With technological advancements that put every women’s lacrosse player in a position to succeed and feel confident, the Signature Complete Women’s Universal Lacrosse Stick combines the best of performance and elegance.

Women’s Origin Lacrosse Stick Length, Strength, and Grip

The Signature Complete Universal Women’s Lacrosse Stick comes with a 32-inch Aerospace Grade 7001 Series Aluminum lacrosse shaft with a shield shape for increased strength and handling. Conforming to the NCAA rule that restricts women’s complete lacrosse sticks to being under 43 ¼ inches and over 35 ½ inches, the Signature Complete Universal Women’s Lacrosse Stick is perfectly legal for women’s college lacrosse and can actually be cut down by players looking to use a shorter stick.

The lacrosse shaft used in the Signature Lacrosse Women’s Lacrosse Stick, the Origin, is designed to have the best strength-to-weight ratio in a women’s metal lacrosse shaft. Each Origin is also covered in a sanded grip that allows women’s lacrosse players to get incredible control for playing defense, dodging, or handing their lacrosse stick.

Origin Women's Lacrosse Shaft Shape & Butt End

The Origin was also designed to have a sleek shape that is easily controlled for precise control. Each Signature Complete Women’s Lacrosse Stick has a “shield” shaped lacrosse shaft that helps women’s lacrosse players be as precise as possible when handling a lacrosse ball. This distinct shield shape has rounded and flat edges to help add more centripetal force when cradling that keeps lacrosse balls more secure in the pocket of the stick. The different shaped edges that create the shield shape of The Origin are just one more technological benefit Signature Lacrosse included to help women’s lacrosse players enjoy playing lacrosse more and advance the level of play in women’s lacrosse.

At the end of The Origin lacrosse shaft, you’ll find one more advancement from Signature Lacrosse, much like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Signature Lacrosse gives every women’s lacrosse player two butt ends with each Signature Complete Universal Women’s Lacrosse Stick that come in different heights. Both butt ends are rubber and feature an added grip to give women’s lacrosse players more control and security when cradling, passing, or shooting. The difference between the heights of the butt ends on The Origin gives women’s lacrosse players the option to play with a “false” bottom and use the high butt end, or get maximum torque and take advantage of the entire length of the lacrosse shaft with the low butt end.

Origin Women’s Lacrosse Head Is the Forefront of Innovation

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The Signature Universal Complete Women’s Lacrosse Stick comes with The Origin Women’s Lacrosse Head, the new standard of excellence in women’s lacrosse. With a flared scoop that is perfectly angled, the Origin women’s lacrosse head is ideal for scooping groundballs and getting right into a cradle. Women’s lacrosse players will immediately be blown away by the connected feel to the lacrosse ball during scooping, catching, or shooting. With an unrivaled feel of the lacrosse ball, the Origin women’s lacrosse head pairs pure control with exceptional strength for a duality that represents the game of women’s lacrosse. The Signature Origin is without a doubt the strongest and most resilient women’s lacrosse head in existence thanks to DELTA TECH and the strength of the triangle.

 At Signature Lacrosse, we want to design and create the absolute best lacrosse gear and products available, and standing by our work could not be more important to us. So, we want all of our valued customers to know that we want them to be able to focus entirely on improving their lacrosse skills and having fun, instead of having to find a new lacrosse head for the next season. The Signature Origin women’s lacrosse head is built to be the difference that women’s lacrosse players have been looking for to take their game to the next level and stay consistent the whole way there.

Women's Lacrosse Pro Strung Pockets With Magik Mesh

Each Signature Complete Universal Women’s Lacrosse Stickcome with a Signature Origin Women’s Lacrosse Head that is strung with Signature Women's Magik Meshin a Pro Strung pocket for the best hold and control in women’s lacrosse. Every women’s lacrosse player will be able to notice how in-tune they feel with the ball and their stick when using a Signature Pro Strung Pocket. 

Signature took the time, over 18 months, to develop and train a staff that can provide unmatched stringing quality on a mass scale. But developing the perfect stringing pattern and method doesn’t happen without great insight from women’s lacrosse players who will eventually be using pro strung pockets. So Signature Lacrosse made sure to collaborate with women’s lacrosse players at the highest levels to find what works best for most women’s lacrosse players and develop a pro strung pocket that would serve the needs of those players. Developing the Signature Lacrosse Pro Strung Pocket was no accident, and it’ll be no accident that women’s lacrosse players start realizing how confident they feel handling the lacrosse ball when using a Women's Signature Lacrosse Pro Strung Pocket.

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