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Signature Lacrosse Partners with Rome City Institute
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Signature Lacrosse Partners with Rome City Institute

rome city and signature lacrosse

Signature Lacrosse has partnered with Rome City Institute, an International Institution in Rome, with the goal to increase the game of Lacrosse in Italy and Europe.

Rome City Institute is based in Italy and every year welcomes hundreds of student-athletes from all over the world. Through a variety of programs, Rome City Institute combines an international education with competitive sports in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The Rome City Lacrosse program has welcomed students from the United States and Canada to play in the Italian National League with different Italian clubs, to lead the players technically on the field. Rome City Institute lacrosse athletes practice with a professional staff four days per week, working on technical skills along with strength & conditioning. At the same time, they attend practice with the Roma Leones Lacrosse team, the oldest Italian lacrosse club, two to three days per week.

Besides the competition, Lacrosse athletes attending Rome City Institute have the chance to work directly with the Italian Lacrosse Federation to spread the game within the country, leveraging their worldly experience and skills. Rome City Institute created the Italia Lacrosse Development Program, with the goal to increase the level of Italian Lacrosse as well as the awareness of the game. Our players compete with multiple different teams, acting as player-coaches and leading the team technically. They also organize and participate in clinics, tryouts for the Italian Lacrosse National Team, as well as off the field activities such as recruiting, social media, and other growth driven projects.

Lastly, Rome City student-athletes have the chance to attend international competition all around Europe, specifically in Portugal, England, Croatia, which are the most developed Lacrosse countries in Europe. These tournaments offer high-level lacrosse competition, networking opportunities, and also the pleasure to expand the game all around Europe

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About Rome City Institute:

The Rome City Institute is a private Institution that combines international education and competitive sports in Italy. We thrive to provide our student-athletes with the necessary knowledge to become fully qualified professionals, regardless of the specific area of expertise chosen.

Through our programs we want to further your education and athletic career while experiencing one of the most beautiful cities in the world: ROME. Currently, we offer the following programs: high school, gap year/semester, undergraduate, masters, and summer experience.



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