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Women's Lacrosse Pockets Matter More Than Ever - Signature Lacrosse Pro Strung Pockets
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Women's Lacrosse Pockets Matter More Than Ever - Signature Lacrosse Pro Strung Pockets

With the introduction of mesh into women’s lacrosse, the need for a properly strung women’s lacrosse pocket has never been more important; and that’s why Signature Lacrosse Pro Strung Pockets are changing the sport of lacrosse. Previously, women’s lacrosse players were forced to find traditional lacrosse stringers or use a plastic rail system, or “runner”, for their lacrosse pockets. That all changed when women’s lacrosse allowed players to begin using mesh lacrosse pockets in 2018.

We at Signature Lacrosse knew that this change in the rules would lead to more impressive women’s lacrosse skills being able to be displayed on the field because more women’s lacrosse players would have lacrosse sticks that were properly serving their needs. That was the inspiration behind Signature Lacrosse Pro Strung Pockets used in all of our Signature Women's Universal Complete Lacrosse Sticks. Your lacrosse stick should be a benefit, and not a burden, which is why we developed Signature Lacrosse Pro Strung Pockets that are designed to give lacrosse players optimal control of the lacrosse ball during each and every play.

Signature Lacrosse Women’s Pro Strung Pockets Make All the Difference

The dynamics of the Signature Lacrosse Women’s Pro Strung Pockets are no coincidence, as our team spent months developing the exact specifications for prime performance within the legality of the rules of women’s lacrosse. Because women’s lacrosse pockets must be much more shallow than a men’s lacrosse pocket, achieving the same level of control over the ball in a women’s lacrosse pocket can be a challenge for many stringers. But the depth of a lacrosse pocket is not the determining factor of performance, and that’s why we are able to create the most advantageous pre-strung women’s lacrosse pockets in the game.

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Using our incredible Signature Lacrosse Women’s Magik Mesh and a stringing pattern that extends from the sidewall, rather than stretching the mesh to the sidewall, we were able to create a runner-like performance without the inconsistency of a plastic lacrosse pocket. This provides women’s lacrosse players who choose a Signature Lacrosse Pro Strung Pocket with a release that’s always accurate and a consistent feel of the lacrosse ball wherever it is in the pocket.

Why Do Signature Pro Strung Lacrosse Pockets Matter So Much?

When mesh lacrosse pockets were not an option for women’s lacrosse players, maintaining your lacrosse pocket or getting your stick strung were very difficult tasks for most women’s lacrosse players. While women’s lacrosse players have clearly not been strangers to “pre-strung” lacrosse pockets, this new age of mesh lacrosse pockets for women’s lacrosse players means a whole new world of possibilities. It’s generally said that a rising tide lifts all boats, and that’s what you can see in the world of women’s lacrosse. The increase in the variety of women’s lacrosse stringing options and the benefit of using mesh in women’s lacrosse sticks makes the average women’s lacrosse player now have the ability to use a lacrosse stick that accentuates their skills, rather than diminishing their possible production. Using the best women’s lacrosse pocket available is then a clear advantage, especially when the rest of the lacrosse world is catching up quickly.

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But, for now, the Signature Lacrosse Women’s Pro Strung Pockets that are featured in all of our women’s and junior complete lacrosse sticks makes you feel like a pro, even when you’re just starting out. You can pick up a women’s complete lacrosse stick from Signature Lacrosse today and get started on your journey to becoming the lacrosse player you want to be thanks to a Pro Strung Pocket that gives you the confidence to face any challenge head on.



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