Signature Drops Latest New Release / Signature Premium NOCSAE SEI NFHS SEI Balls

Signature Drops Latest New Release / Signature Premium NOCSAE SEI NFHS SEI Balls

The Signature Premium ball was first released back in 2016 when two friends and long time teammates came together to make a better lacrosse ball. This truly changed the game creating an entirely new product category in the sport, Premium Lacrosse Balls.

As the Premier Premium Lacrosse Ball, Signature quickly took a commanding market share including becoming the official ball of the then top pro leagues MLL, NLL, & WPLL as well as over 300 NCAA programs selling over 15 million lacrosse balls around the world.

Through a constant push for innovation, Signature drove the industry forward with the first premium lacrosse ball fueled by a better formulation, and proper manufacturing processes.

In 2019 Signature was involved in a lawsuit that we have since settled. We came to terms with SEI regarding the law suit during Covid in 2020 and immediately begun to re-establish a relationship with NOCSAE SEI and the NFHS. Over the following 18 months our Compliance team worked tirelessly to have our Signature Premum ball recertified and mend the relationships.

This get knocked down 7, get back up 8 approach is something our team learned on the field and applied to the business. We are incredibly grateful for the support of our clients, investors, and team. Without all of you none of this would be possible.

We will continue to innovate and are proud to announce the new Signature Premium ball is now available and SEI Certified to Meet NOCSAE® Standards and also Meets NFHS & NCAA Standards.

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