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Flock Talk - What Makes Signature Lacrosse Different?
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Flock Talk - What Makes Signature Lacrosse Different?

Flock Talk

In a sea of lacrosse balls, one stands alone as the superior and most preferred choice in lacrosse - the Signature Premium Lacrosse Ball. In this Flock Talk, we answer the community submitted question of "What makes Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls different?" and discuss the reasons why. There's a lot of information out there on lacrosse balls, but this Flock Talk explains our mission at Signature Lacrosse and how we’ve worked to become the most trusted lacrosse ball in the game.

Signature Lacrosse was founded by Dan Soviero, a former NCAA lacrosse player at both St. John’s University and then the University of Tampa. While he was playing for the Johnnies, Dan partnered up with a rubber chemist who helped him work towards his goal of a new high-quality lacrosse ball that lasted longer than what was available. And this dream all began with Dan getting a little help from his high school science teacher on an idea that turned into the most consistent and most trusted lacrosse ball on the planet. As a notorious line-cutter in drills, Dan wanted every rep he could get because he wanted to get the most out of practice, but a bad lacrosse ball often ruined a skillful sneak to the front and resulted in a wasted rep. Dan vowed to solved that problem once and for all after a stray greaser sniped him while he was stretching at lacrosse practice in what might as well be our modern tale of Isaac Newton and the apple tree.

Before Signature Lacrosse, Dan, and every other lacrosse player, was stuck with what a handful of lacrosse brands like Champion, Martin, Warrior, STX, and Maverik were making; a standard lacrosse ball with no thought behind it. Simple rubber with no development for performance or quality isn’t what Dan wanted and it’s not what he thought lacrosse players deserved. So Dan started working on making the Signature difference.

The Signature Difference: The Desire to Consistently Be the Best Consistently

It's no secret that Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls are the most consistent lacrosse balls on the planet, but the Signature difference that makes our premium lacrosse balls the best is our commitment to making the best lacrosse ball.

Signature Lacrosse entered the lacrosse market with a +/- 2.5% variance in consistency of our premium lacrosse balls that's 10x lower than the legal standard of +/- 30%; but how did we do it? We don't accept inferior quality, and our lacrosse balls go through the most extensive testing in the market to ensure every lacrosse ball lives up to our Signature Standard. And after putting in all the work to make Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls the best lacrosse ball ever made, we're only left with one true competitor; ourselves.

The mission of Signature Lacrosse is to revolutionize the landscape of lacrosse by dynamically propelling the progression of lacrosse equipment; and a better lacrosse ball was our first step. Our founder, Dan Soviero, started Signature Lacrosse to make a better lacrosse ball because he knew the problems and struggles of lacrosse players and coaches dealing with subpar lacrosse balls. As a coach and a college lacrosse player, Dan had all the firsthand experience to know that a better lacrosse ball was one that would help lacrosse players get to play more lacrosse. But, what does that mean? How about a lacrosse ball that never chipped, and doesn't grease over - consistently lasting longer, and giving players more out of every rep? That sounded about right to us.

And because of that commitment to making a lacrosse ball that actually solves the problems of lacrosse players, Signature is the official lacrosse ball of the NLL, WPLL, CLA. Did we also mention that there are more Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls used by college lacrosse teams than all of our competitors’ lacrosse balls… combined?

Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls - The Best Lacrosse Balls Available

There's a lot of work that goes into making the best lacrosse ball on the planet, the Signature Premium Lacrosse Ball. In our 3rd generation of premium lacrosse balls with over 7 million balls sold around the world, we at Signature are continuing to challenge our manufacturing teams to improve both the formula and manufacturing process for a longer lasting, higher performing, and more consistent lacrosse ball. By first finding what the "secret sauce" is that makes a longer lasting lacrosse ball with a grip that won't quit, we then wanted to make that perfect lacrosse ball as much as possible. We then test our lacrosse balls with simulations and trial runs that allow us to eliminate any batches that don't live up to the Signature name printed on them. And this also helped us perfect our process to reduce the chance of having any bad batches.

Making the Best Lacrosse Ball - The Signature Premium Lacrosse Ball

You can learn all of the reasons why Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls are the best option in lacrosse, but that doesn't explain why we did it. Why did we develop TOUGH GRIP Tech™ and want a longer lasting lacrosse ball? What's the reason we worked to make a lacrosse ball that's more consistent than any other ball on the market? Why continue to put our lacrosse balls through more testing than is required? It's all for you. That's right; lacrosse players are the reason why.

Signature Lacrosse has always been, and will always be - For The Players, By The Players. That means that every second spent improving our already superior lacrosse ball isn't for our benefit, it's for yours. As lacrosse players, we want to see lacrosse excel and be played by even more athletes across the world. And with that goal in mind, we work to make every lacrosse ball the perfect tool for improving your game or playing in the most important one of your life. So here's to all you players out there; we do it all for you. We just want to keep improving the way that we are improving the game of lacrosse, the Signature way.



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