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Lacrosse Ball Size, Weight, and Diameter
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Lacrosse Ball Size, Weight, and Diameter

lacrosse ball size

How Big Is A Lacrosse Ball?

All lacrosse balls must meet certain specifications to be considered Certified Lacrosse Balls to be used in CLA (Canadian Lacrosse Association) Sanctioned Events. If a lacrosse ball is considered to be Certified, then that lacrosse ball size, weight, and diameter should be as follows:

Lacrosse Ball Size

  • A Lacrosse Ball has a circumference of at least 7.75 inches and not more than 8 inches.
  • The circumference is the enclosed boundary of a circle measured as twice the radius multiplied by Pi and squared.
  • Measurement of a lacrosse balls circumference can be done with the above formula (2ℼr²) or by getting a string and wrapping it around the outside one time like the equator of the Earth.

Lacrosse Ball Weight

  • Lacrosse balls cannot weigh less than 5.0 ounces and not more than 5.25 ounces.
  • Slices of bread are generally about one ounce each making a lacrosse ball roughly 5 slices of bread in weight.
  • Trying to compare a lacrosse ball to five slices of bread on a balancing scale would not be an effective method of determining whether a lacrosse ball is a correct weight or not.

Lacrosse Ball Diameter

  • Lacrosse balls measure at least 62.7 mm and at maximum 64.7 mm in diameter
  • Millimeter or mm is a measurement from the Metric system that equates to 0.0393701 inches, meaning that a lacrosse ball measures at least 2.468 inches and at a maximum 2.547 inches.
  • The United States uses a variation of the Imperial system called the US Customary Units. The only other country that uses US Customary Units is Liberia, while Myanmar is the only country that uses the Imperial system



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