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The Signature Contract Offense Is a Lacrosse Head Built for Scoring
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The Signature Contract Offense Is a Lacrosse Head Built for Scoring

The Signature Contract Offense is the newest release from the Signature Lacrosse team in our mission to revolutionize the landscape of lacrosse, and this lacrosse head is strictly for the scorers; and the assist-ers too. Designed to optimize the best parts of the Signature Lacrosse Contract lacrosse head, the Signature Contract Offense is our offense-specific head design that’s geared towards moving the ball quickly, keeping the ball in your pocket during dodges, and pinging corners when you're shooting. And now you, yes you reading this, can order your very own Signature Contract Offense and start terrifying every defender around.

Score More Than Just A Great Lacrosse Head With The Signature Contract Offense

The Signature Contract Offense is part of the only lacrosse head line on the market that comes with a lifetime warranty, and we’re proud to offer you a lacrosse head that’s going to prove its value to you throughout the duration of your lacrosse career. Your Signature Contract Offense is going to see plenty of goals on plenty of lacrosse fields over time, and the Delta Tech of the Signature Contract Offense is going to help it retain the same shape and strength from goal 1 to goal 1,000.

The Best Lacrosse Pocket for An Attackman Is Possible In the Signature Contract Offense

Just like the Signature Contract, the Signature Contract Offense has enough sidewall holes for any type of lacrosse pocket or stringing. The difference between the two lacrosse heads is that the Signature Contract Offense’s shape is best suited with a mid-low pocket, and this makes for better control of the lacrosse ball during a dodge and as it’s being released. Passes directly to your teammate and shots blazing a trail to the corner become the norm when you’re using a Signature Contract Offense. And that’s not even the best part, we didn’t hold out any stops trying to make the best lacrosse head for attackmen.

Fast Becomes Faster with the Signature Contract Offense Lacrosse Head

Speed matters in the fastest game on two feet, and your definition of fast just got faster thanks to the Signature Contract Offense lacrosse head. At only 4.8 oz, the Signature Contract Offense is a lighter option for quicker dodges and a faster release that leaves goalies in the dust. Our Delta Tech creates a more effective use of materials and helps decrease the weight of the lacrosse head while adding strength. And the combination of Delta Tech matched with the perfect placement of our support struts to pair with a mid-low pocket is just another cocktail of innovation seen in our new Signature Contract Offense lacrosse head. That’s why the lightning quick Signature Contract Offense can still stand up to any check out there and why we are confident enough to give it the only lifetime warranty in lacrosse. So if you’re looking at a lacrosse player using a Signature Contract Offense, don’t blink or you might miss something.

A Better Lacrosse Head for A Better Lacrosse

At Signature Lacrosse, we’re working to improve lacrosse as a whole through better and smarter lacrosse equipment like the Signature Contract Offense. Our commitment to innovation is part of our DNA, and our future releases are set to push the progression of the lacrosse experience even more for lacrosse players, fans, and coaches everywhere. And we want to make sure you’re always up to date on what’s happening with Signature Lacrosse and our other ways of improving lacrosse technology like our recently released Signature Pro-S1 lacrosse ball. By signing up to join The Flock, you’ll be notified about upcoming Signature Lacrosse product releases, sales, and other news that’ll help you become a better lacrosse player each day. Sign up today!



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