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Signature Lacrosse Heads: Contract Universal vs Contract Offense
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Signature Lacrosse Heads: Contract Universal vs Contract Offense

Hey Flock, I’ve used the past few months to put some serious testing and thought into comparing the original Signature Contract lacrosse head with the new Signature Contract Offense. After using each of these Signature lacrosse heads for different shooting, passing, and lacrosse training drills, I wanted to give you all my thoughts on their differences.

Best Lacrosse Head from Signature: Contract Universal or Contract Offense

First things first, I love both of these Signature lacrosse heads; but, it’s important to remember that you should use the lacrosse head that suits your play-style and makes you the most comfortable. That being said, the Contract Universal and the Contract Offense are both incredible lacrosse heads that have their own benefits for certain lacrosse players. Let me explain-

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I should start off by saying that I’ve been playing with a Signature Contract as my gamer for almost two years and couldn’t be happier with my experience. There is a comfort that the Signature Contract lacrosse head gives you because you know you’ll be able to play on either side of the field with it. I personally think that a Signature Contract lacrosse head on a Signature Player lacrosse shaft is the ultimate box lacrosse setup; and I’m ready to take that opinion to my grave. The face shape of the Signature Contract is just wide enough for vacuuming up loose balls, while still pinched enough for dodging through traffic. However, the best part of the Signature Contract lacrosse head is that it’s strong enough to hold up for multiple seasons and not lose its shape or stiffness. Thanks to Delta Tech, the main advancement of Signature Lacrosse heads, I haven’t broken a single Contract lacrosse head since I started using one. To help put that in context, I previously broke three other lacrosse heads in just two months of box lacrosse before getting a Signature Contract; and now, I’ll never use anything else!

Pros & Cons of the Signature Lacrosse Contract Universal


  • Strength to weight ratio is unreal. Light enough for offense but strong enough to lay the lumber
  • Backed by the first lifetime warranty in lacrosse
  • Best box lacrosse head for both sides of the ball and transition
  • Does NOT break! Repeat- DOES NOT BREAK
  • Perfect for new lacrosse players
  • Great for any type of pocket. High, mid, or low. Mesh or traditional


  • The Universal shape may not be exactly what attackmen or defensemen want in their lacrosse head. Because the head shape is so neutral, lacrosse players that specialize greatly may look for a more pinched or wider head to fit their style.
  • Not a faceoff lacrosse head

After using the Signature Lacrosse Contract Offense for a bit, this lacrosse head has helped me gain a much greater appreciation for playing box lacrosse and well-made lacrosse heads. The construction of the Contract Offense features Delta Tech to incorporate the strongest shape, the triangle, into a lacrosse head that truly can’t be broken. Trust me I’ve tried.

Lacrosse players who prefer mid-low pockets are going to fall in love with the Contract Offense and how well it allows them to carry the lacrosse ball around the crease. You can really get to those “dirty” areas of the field where defenders are lurking and not have to worry about ball security when using a Signature Contract Offense. And don’t even get me started on how well this bad boy slings the rock! You can absolutely RIP the corner with the Contract Offense lacrosse head, and it feels like the head is doing most of the work for you. It’s not uncommon to hear golf pro’s tell new golfers to “let the club do the work for you,” and that’s exactly how the Contract Offense feels to me. The pinch and flare give you the ability to have an incredibly smooth release point that makes passing and shooting deadly accurate. After only a few shots, I felt myself really get dialed in and be able to place the ball wherever I wanted. It’s not hard to fall in love with a lacrosse head that makes you feel like a better lacrosse player than you are, and the Signature Lacrosse Contract Offense had me on the field thinking I might just be Dhane Smith!

Pros & Cons of the Signature Lacrosse Contract Offense


  • Strength to weight ratio matches Contract Universal
  • Also has a lifetime warranty
  • Accuracy on shooting and passing makes you feel like a pro
  • Ball stays in your pocket when dodging through traffic
  • The Contract Offense comes in TWO colors!


  • Not the best scoop for groundballs in the open field
  • The tight pinch of the Contract Offense may make catching more difficult

Herm's Contract Universal Setup

In my Contract Universal, I personally run a mid pocket, with four shooters. Personally, it is the set-up that I think is perfect, however, I have seen every kind of pocket set up in a Contract Universal! The Contract Universal has plenty of sidewall holes to let you customize your lacrosse head with any type of lacrosse pocket you can imagine. No matter what you want in your Contract Universal lacrosse head, you’ll be able to get a great result and feel happy with how you perform when using a Signature Contract.

Herm's Contract Offense Setup

In my Contract Offense, I go against the grain and actually have a mid-high pocket in the lacrosse head. While the Contract Offense sports a low pocket the best, I really like the ability to dish the ball to someone in the blink of an eye; and a higher pocket lets me flick dimes all over the field with ease. I'm also rocking a nylon with two shooters for less whip and hold than my Contract Universal because I'm not going through quite as much traffic with my Contract Offense, which I primarily use for field lacrosse. That being said, any style of pocket works well in the Contract Offense as long as it makes you comfortable and confident.

Which Signature Lacrosse Contract is Better?

It doesn’t matter if you’re six years old or sixty, both of the Signature Lacrosse Contracts are awesome lacrosse heads that improve lacrosse players’ confidence and performance. I personally am loving using the Contract Universal during my box lacrosse games and switching to my Contract Offense when I’m playing field lacrosse. This is because I’m really only playing offense in field lacrosse; while in box lacrosse, I have to be able to get back on defense and run transition too.

There may be differences between these two Signature lacrosse heads that make them better or worse than the other in certain situations, but it’s their similarities that make them such amazing lacrosse heads. Unlimited stringability, a lifetime warranty, and an unbreakable design make the Contract Universal and Contract Offense lacrosse heads worth playing with. It really just comes down to whether you’re spending all of your time around the crease and could use a Contract Offense, or you may be hawking down the ball all over the field and need a Contract Universal to dominate both sides of the ball.

No matter which Signature lacrosse head you choose, remember to tag @SignatureLacrosse on Instagram with pictures of your stick so I can see exactly what you’re working with. And enjoy becoming a better player with Signature Lacrosse because I sure know that I am!



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