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Signature Lacrosse Girls Youth Lacrosse Stick

Starting a new sport shouldn’t be difficult; it should be fun! Signature Lacrosse wants to help more girls get involved in girl’s lacrosse without having to spend a lot of money or spend time using a bad lacrosse stick. At $49.95, the Signature Complete Junior lacrosse stick is the best value in girl’s lacrosse right now for beginner lacrosse players. The Magik Mesh Pro Pocket is designed to make lacrosse easier for first-year players so they can have more fun playing lacrosse. 

The Best Value in Girls Lacrosse - The Signature Youth Lacrosse Stick

To make playing youth lacrosse easier for girls, Signature Lacrosse wanted to put a lacrosse stick fit for the pros in the hands of girls lacrosse players. Beginner lacrosse players are often given very low-quality lacrosse sticks because “they’re new, and it doesn’t matter”; but Signature Lacrosse disagrees. The first few times a young girl plays lacrosse are the most important because they set the tone for how that girl sees playing lacrosse. Is playing lacrosse fun when you can't pass or catch with your lacrosse stick? Probably not.

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If you start girl's lacrosse players off with a bad girl’s lacrosse stick, they will have difficulty passing, catching, and will likely not have any fun. Instead, choose the Signature Complete Junior Girls Lacrosse Stick and get them started with a lacrosse stick that makes it easier for them to start playing lacrosse.

Pro Strung Pockets Put Players In A Position to Win

The most important part of a girls lacrosse stick is the pocket that they are using in their lacrosse stick. Not a lot of young lacrosse players, or their parents, realize the importance of using a lacrosse pocket that’s strung correctly. Lots of lacrosse players think that a different lacrosse head will improve their stick skills, but it’s the pocket of your girl’s lacrosse stick that really controls your abilities.

The Signature Complete Girl’s Junior Lacrosse Stick comes with a Pro Strung pocket of Signature Women’s Magik Mesh that was designed to make playing lacrosse as easy as possible for new girl’s lacrosse players. Because lacrosse pockets for girl’s and women’s lacrosse pockets are shallow compared to men’s lacrosse pockets, it’s often difficult for girl’s lacrosse players learning how to control the ball. It can also be difficult to find the perfect mix of legal depth in your pocket that still gets you enough hold.

To fix the problem of poor pockets for all girl’s lacrosse players, Signature Lacrosse designed a Pro Strung pocket that comes game-ready in all Signature Complete Junior Girl’s Lacrosse Sticks. Each Pro Strung pocket gives new lacrosse players ultimate hold paired with a quick release that helps them learn how to play lacrosse quickly and easily. For only $49.95, you get a Pro Strung pocket included in the Signature Complete Junior Girl’s Lacrosse Stick for an unbeatable deal in a youth lacrosse stick for girls.

The Origin Girls Lacrosse Shaft Starts A Trend Towards Atypical

Lacrosse shafts are difficult to perfect because the difference between an ok lacrosse shaft and an amazing lacrosse shaft can be practically nothing. What makes a lacrosse shaft better than the rest is the details and longevity of that lacrosse shaft. The Origin from Signature Lacrosse is the detail-oriented lacrosse shaft that girl’s lacrosse players will fall in love with as soon as they pick it up.

At 28 inches long with a “shield shape” and 25% smaller circumference, the girl’s Origin Lacrosse Shaft is incredibly easy to control. Young girl’s lacrosse players will find it makes for the perfect lacrosse stick at offense or defense because it is so light but remains strong. Made with the same Aerospace grade series 7001 aluminum used in the men’s and women’s lacrosse shafts from Signature, the girl’s Origin lacrosse shaft is tough enough to play with the big girls too. 

Girls Youth Lacrosse Stick with a Full Size Women's Lacrosse Head

Instead of giving girl’s lacrosse players lacrosse heads made with cheaper plastic or designed with basic features that don’t help them perform, Signature Lacrosse gives youth lacrosse players the same exact heads used by their Pros. Just because a lacrosse player is young, it doesn’t mean you should give them a low-quality lacrosse stick. At Signature, we believe that youth lacrosse sticks should be just as good as professional lacrosse sticks so that players don’t have to wait until they are older to use a great lacrosse stick.

Our Signature Complete Junior Girl’s Lacrosse Stick has the same lacrosse head as our Signature Complete Universal Women’s Lacrosse Stick that is college lacrosse player tested and approved. This gives the best girl’s lacrosse stick to our customers, instead of selling them a downgraded version because they are younger. While some brands design an inferior lacrosse head and label it a “youth” lacrosse head, we believe that all girls and women deserve to be playing with the highest quality lacrosse sticks available.

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