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2020 MLL & Signature Lacrosse Partnership: The Process of Progress
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2020 MLL & Signature Lacrosse Partnership: The Process of Progress

The 20th season of the Major Lacrosse League will now feature a new version of Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls that are set to take professional lacrosse into the future - the Signature Pro-S1 Ball. Beginning with training camps on July 16 and 17, this 20th MLL season has a rapid finish occurring only ten days after the start with a July 26th championship game.

Official Lacrosse Ball of the MLL

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Sold out

The Signature Team is excited to have been chosen as the official lacrosse ball of the MLL and spread the Signature Standard to another exceptional professional lacrosse league. We work every day to make the best and most consistent premium lacrosse balls on the planet, and being selected as the official lacrosse ball of the MLL is affirmation that our dedication to improving lacrosse equipment at all levels is being recognized and appreciated. Director of Sponsorship for the MLL, John O’Leary, commented that “Major League Lacrosse is thrilled to partner with Signature Lacrosse this season, … due to their innovative technology,[Signature] have quickly become the standard in elite lacrosse play.”

Major League Lacrosse and Signature Lacrosse Are Bringing A New Lacrosse Ball to the Field

Signature Lacrosse being named the official lacrosse ball of the MLL for the 2020 season now makes Signature Lacrosse the official lacrosse ball of three professional lacrosse leagues in North America - more than all other ball brands combined! This accomplishment is due to the resilience and ingenuity of our team at Signature Lacrosse, which has developed premium lacrosse balls that last longer, are more consistent, and give lacrosse players more out of every rep. And our new partnership with the MLL is bringing a whole new twist to professional lacrosse - a new premium lacrosse ball that’s been years in the making.

The 2020 MLL season will feature a new Signature Premium Lacrosse Ball that’s designed to help improve visual tracking of the lacrosse ball in person and digitally, retention of the lacrosse ball during dodges and fakes, increased shot speeds and more ability to control the curve of the ball of bounce shots, as well as reduced psi upon impact for increased safety. This new Signature Premium Lacrosse Ball is made exclusively in our Hyper Yellow color that we’ve been researching, testing, failing, and improving (developing) for 3 years now. The color of our new Signature Premium Lacrosse Ball is only one of our innovations on our mission to revolutionize the landscape of lacrosse, but it’s sure to make watching MLL lacrosse an even more exciting experience this next season.

Shaping the Game With A New Lacrosse Ball

One of the main objectives of the Signature Lacrosse team in developing our new Signature Premium Lacrosse Ball was to make a new shape for the lacrosse ball that could be easily identified. Instead of using a completely round lacrosse ball, our new Signature Premium Lacrosse Ball designed for professional lacrosse features a square logo box with an indented cross along the face of the ball. All around these indentations, there are divots in the majority of the lacrosse ball in circular pattern of rectangles. This pattern, along with the indentations, allows for the increased grip we wanted to achieve and also provides channeling for airflow as the ball travels in a shot or pass. The combination of the grip, shape, and airflow makes for a whole new shape of lacrosse ball that disperses impact energy for a safer game and uses the help of physics for a faster game.

Signature Premium Pro-S1 Lacrosse Balls Release

For all of those in The Flock, we’ll be releasing our new Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls to be used in the 2020 MLL season in the next few weeks. To get notified immediately when our new Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls are dropping, sign up for our email newsletter to be the first to get a pack of the best ball in professional lacrosse.)


This release is an exciting time for the whole Signature Lacrosse team, and we wanted to be able to share our development with you. Our Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls are trusted by professionals because of their exceptional quality, but the Signature team works hard every day to make a better premium lacrosse ball for all lacrosse players. That’s because, like all of our products, Signature Premium Lacrosse Balls are made For The Players, By The Players.



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